NaNoWriMo Official Status Report Number Six


44395 / 125000 words. 36% done!

--iyeah, I finally decided to adjust the word count meter for my personal goal, since I can't adjust the one over at the official site. That's still a VERY TENTATIVE number, but given the fact that ROI is meant to have three parts to it and I'm nearly at 50,000 words without even vaguely seeing the end of the first part isn't exactly encouraging. ;w; Anyway, life updates.


Went out to Rockwell and met up with [ profile] anothermiyaw and [ profile] dreamlessness -- we were supposedly there to go into ADMU Professional Schools, since it's such a shiny building and we've always been curious about how it looks from the inside for a book launch, but we didn't actually stay. XD; Wandered around Rockwell, where B and I were very concerned about Mia and how she was bound to sugarcoma from all the cake that B and I fed her in Starbucks. Later saw [ profile] yukitsu and talked ROD things, among others. :3

Was feeling ill for most of the afternoon due to the heat, my period and the fact that I was pretty much on my feet since 6 AM. Got home raring to work anyway, in which I discovered that I seriously don't know how to take it easy anymore. Thank god for friends who stick by and gently remind me to breathe just before I forget.

Also, [ profile] anothermiyaw re-filled the time on my LJ icons. ILU LONG TIME, MIA. And I am so broke, it kinda ain't funny.


Holed myself up in my room to check all the papers from my kids! I've... got my work cut out for me. Will have to adjust my game plan according to what these students need, based on the fact that they're coming in from Basic English. I'm considering doing more consultations and being a little more elaborate with my feedback.

I think I am finally getting a hang of this teacher thing. The lectures I've been doing so far have been pretty smooth, and I find it easier to manage the classroom each time I step in. Am also able to juggle more stuff and organize my things and my thoughts better. o_o Here's hoping that this will actually bear positive results.

Was supposed to have Spec Fic class, but it ended up canceled. Typed out my previous entry while I was waiting in the car. Experienced a case of EXTREME EXHAUSTION and EXTREME LAZINESS later in the evening, which prompted me to dole out a free cut. I figure I can afford it, if only to take a breather before the real shit hits the fan.


--was supposed to be NaNoWriMo Day, but I ended up wasting half of it due to mod stuff for Serious Business and the feedback that was coming in regarding several things that I've applied to myself early on this week. I'm writing this partially because I need to seriously take a break from wrestling with this one scene for over six hours. D18, Y U DO DIS TO ME.

Will spend tomorrow NaNo-ing also. I really want to see if I can finish 50,000 words before Sunday. Probably not, but it's worth a shot, right?

New intarwebz term to throw around: MICRO PORNING. Like micro-blogging (see Twitter and Plurk) and IM logging for an RP, but not. ...And my friends insist that it is a very real talent of mine. orz

Christmas post to follow. It's... actually long overdue too.
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( Aug. 9th, 2008 10:02 pm)
...You know that teaching has eaten you alive when you're taking student papers with you to the dinner table or into the bathroom rather than your PSP or your favorite novel. o_o

On that note, though, I seem to have recovered from that slump I've been suffering from for the past two weeks -- last week was especially bad, complete with violent mood swings, Real Nicotine Jitters and regular physical system reboots. NOT COOL TO HAVE OVER-FUNCTIONING HORMONES OKEY.

The nicotine jitters may have been a result of the fact that I was smoking Vogue menthols rather than Gudangs for most of the week. Vogues taste pretty decent all, but the aftertaste it leaves in your mouth is some kind of nasty and after you've been on strong cloves for as long as I have, Vogues kinda feel like... well, nothing. ._. At least they were light. I think I gave my lungs time to heal a bit while I was on them.

Research Methods class was a free cut this time, but Development of Fiction extended for over an hour -- my brain was fried from thinking about D18 sexy taimu a lack of sleep and a dire need to leave and hook up with the girls, so I didn't appreciate that extension as much as I should have, given the fact that Sir DM's my professor and I love that man to death. Zipped over to Gateway after the session ended to meet with [ profile] yukitsu, [ profile] ficcentricity, [ profile] kitsune_jade, [ profile] kye_kestrel, [ profile] lonelybusiness, [ profile] innocentlyjaded, [ profile] lethologica, [ profile] newpersia and [ profile] embai -- BHEX, YOU WERE THOROUGHLY MISSED. BTW, I THINK CAR BREAKDOWNS ARE EVIL. Anyway, much was achieved by fangirling and not really achieving much at all! ♥

It was some kind of funny though. I didn't realize it at first, but the meeting sort of became a Vongola Family gathering and a chance for some of the players to meet each other for the first time(?). I mean, all of the Vongola Family RPers on my KHR Plurk Crew were present.

MM and Meann had to leave pretty early, and Kat, Yukeh and Lynffles left sometime after dinner, leaving the rest of us to chill out at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for another hour of so. It's kind of refreshing, talking about literary stuff without the frills and this sniggling feeling that YOU MIGHT BE DOING IT WRONG! and all. Also, I introduced Tin to the love of clove cigarettes! *proud*

Might get a bit of work done before I go to sleep. I've got a midterms exam to make, papers to check, lesson plans to prepare and advisory grades to submit!


Me: *during Development of Fiction class*
Professor: *discussing the aesthetic principles of Japan and the preoccupation with beauty*
Me: *quietly giggling to myself, listening to the lecture and relating nearly everything to D18 sexy taimu*
Classmate: *to me, while we're taking a cigarette break* You know, Pam, it's kind of amazing to watch you in class! I mean, you're multi-tasking and all, but you always come up with a good answer for Sir DM! And like, I can see how you seem to get epiphanies and ideas with whatever our teacher's saying! :0
Me: .... *EPIPHANIES? AHURHUR YES. GAY ONES AT THAT* Ahaha, really? ^^;

...Coherent thought process, I think I lack one.

No, I didn't make this post to prove that Plurk hasn't completely eaten me alive, okey. ...Not really. Nah-uh. STOP JUDGING ME. B|
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( Jul. 14th, 2008 10:21 pm)
No music just yet because I'm really, REALLY lazy about making the link-ups and writing the blurbs, BUT I BRING WRITING? Just to show that I haven't been completely useless. ~_~

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Ofrenda [D18]
Endtimes. Make war, not love. [Aidan Clayce]


Since I didn't get to post about Thursday due to my need to show off this blathering idiot (who, by the way, never replied), I'll explain it here: that was the death anniversary of Lolo Peralejo, and even though I was supposed to have attended this Read or Die meeting thing with [ profile] yukitsu and [ profile] lonelybusiness, I guess he really wanted me to come around and join the family because the meeting was canceled and stuff. Anyway, it was good because I managed to talk with relatives whom I haven't seen in a while, meditate a bit in the prettiness that is the Libingan ng Mga Bayani and buy books. PRIVILEGE OF THE SWORD, I CAN FINALLY HAS IT? And it's a decent read too. *nearly done!*

Friday went along swimmingly~ [ profile] archangel_dream even dropped in to visit me! Weekend was absolutely lovely~ classes went well, and I got to see [ profile] yukitsu, [ profile] lonelybusiness and [ profile] ficcentricity. ♥ Today was nice and easy too, since I didn't have to give my En11 classes a formal lecture and the story I picked out for my Lit13 class was easy to discuss (It's Faulker's A Rose for Emily -- go figure).

On other news, I GOTS MAH PAY. *is politely ignoring the fact that tax took out a sizeable amount from it* And to make my day even more awesome, some of my D18 fics managed to make it to this ongoing D18 fic recommendations page on LJ. Weather is nice and chilly too. Good vibes all around!

I think I will spend tomorrow trying to catch up on the Ginormous Stack of Papers that I still need to check for my kids students, archiving more threads from the KHR Plurk Crew, writing fanfic (because it's been way too long and school + teacherly work + RPing on the Plurk circles is making my Muse itchy) and generally chillaxing. I should prolly fuss over my LJ layouts and LJ icons, but that takes a lot of time.

Plurk has permanently ruined my ability to make long posts, hasn't it? SAY IT AIN'T SO!!!! DDDDD:
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( Jul. 6th, 2008 03:51 pm)
I haven't been posting much of anything here lately. I doubt that it's just because I've been busy with school.

.... *stares at Plurk*



Right. Anyway, an eventful weekend was eventful! Friday was a pretty "light" day for me (Library Orientations for both my En11 classes + a short and sweet lecture for my Lit 13 class), so I still had some energy left over to handle Kritika Kultura's late afternoon meeting. I now have a better idea of exactly what I signed up for, and I'm not sure whether I'm going to like it, but I do know that it'll be good for me in the long run. :<

Friday evening traffic totally fucked my mood over and sapped up my energy, but it was lovely seeing [ profile] yukitsu, [ profile] kye_kestrel, [ profile] khursten and Sarah! We ate dinner and spazzed on random stuff before Sarah, Khursten, Yukeh and I went off to watch Wanted. Lynffles didn't join us because she had already watched it and she wanted to go home in order to put in more Plurking tiem.

There are no words to describe that movie's awesomeness. o_o

Got home real late and Plurked a bit more (SEE HOW IT IS TAKING OVER MY LIFE?), but that's okay because my Lit 251 class was going to be a free cut anyway. Slept in, Plurked even more, then zipped off to ADMU to attend my second class. All the readings I'm taking up are giving me a much wider vision of what graduate studies are like and what just how expansive the literary world really is. It's some kind of majorly cool.

Met up with Yukeh after class, and we headed over to Gateway to meet up with [ profile] innocentlyjaded, [ profile] lonelybusiness, [ profile] dreamlesssness (YES, FINALLY!), and... *drumroll* [ profile] team7, who was totally eaten up by her job and stuff and IT'S JUST AMAZING TO SEE HER AGAIN, Y'KNOW? Read or Die things were discussed, game plans were drawn up, and spazzing was accomplished. Dinner was great -- I just wish I could've enjoyed it more. Heat + not really eating decently the whole day took its toll on me, so I kinda sicked up sometime before I had to head home. Sorry about that, guys. ~_~

Will be going to Mass in a bit. I'm willing to waste most of this day away because there won't be classes for us profs tomorrow -- it's ACP day, so all the college kids have some required thing or another to attend to make them Jesuits happy. I'm supposed to join Kristel and Yukeh for RoD business, but I'm not sure whether I can charter a ride.

I haven't posted music in a while, so here's a new mix to celebrate my first LJ post in nearly a week.

Techno meets Science Fiction: The Mix that Every Veritech Pilot Needs in His Bird. )

Links to previous mixes:
Love Songs Mix: The Last Love Songs on Earth (Set One) || Set Two [MASSIVE DUMP]
Special Mix: Sadface Songs - The Polite Version (Set One) || Set Two || Set Three
Battle Songs Mix: State of Emergency (Set One). || Set Two

Btw, if you guys want me to start posting just the music without blurbs or if you're okay with me posting 2-3 mixes at once, let me know.

I will devote another post to my epiphany on Hibari Kyouya of KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN! fame. >_>;

[ profile] new_treasures has released the first chapter of "Kinou Nani Tabeta?", a seinen manga by Yoshinaga Fumi!

Don't let the "seinen" part fool you, though. It's Fumi, so expect some gay.

Interested parties may download it over HERE! Please support us, and add us if you want to follow our projects! We're also looking for help with future releases. ♥

My personality type: the energetic doer
extroverted, practical, logical, spontaneous, resolved, direct, objective, conscientious, attentive, likes taking risks, cheerful, impulsive, optimistic, sociable, enthusing, full of the joys of life, aggressive, inconsiderate, dynamic, lively, rash, competition-oriented, action-loving, energetic, charming, superior, solution-oriented, adventurous, go-ahead, changeable, outgoing

...What an interesting test. It's actually more accurate than the usual ones I've seen floating around.

In spite of what I said in my last entry, I ended up sleeping sometime before midnight. >_> Woke up hella groggy, but I managed to drag myself back out to Ateneo for the next teaching workshop. It actually started late because no one came in on time... if I had known they'd do that, I would've slept in. =_= Y halo thar, real life.

This teaching workshop wasn't as lively as the first one, but it was still extremely helpful and very enlightening -- I've got a lot of ideas on how to do my syllabi now, but I still can't say that I'm completely confident about things. Oh, and I met even more smoket buddies cool people among my colleagues. I don't remember the last time I had so much fun during lunch. I think I surprised them with the amount of food that I ate though.

There was supposed to be an afternoon session on teaching English 12, but since I won't be teaching that this sem I decided against going there in favor of enrolling for my classes.

Schedule + Gabs ABOUT said schedule. )

So. Incredibly. Sleepy. Thank god for the fact that I finished my registration -- that leaves tomorrow open to sleep in, run around for some last-minute shopping and kick back to do my syllabus while I wait for evening to come. ♥
The Lights Out meeting went well for the most part, although I daresay that I must've been in the bathroom for about half of it. Got srsly sick again. Period + Body Clock Screw-ups Since December + Late, Late Lunch = Not Cool. Ladies, please update me. Apologies for the scare. @_@

I suppose sicking up was a good thing, though... I thought that the last time was just a fluke, but this sorta proved that my body's just been fucked up lately. Srsly must get back to exercising. Srsly must change diet. Srsly must fix body clock. =_=

[/sickness woes!]

Recent events on the scene and personal stuff-stuff have convinced me to make a more intelligent post than the usual about games sometime soon. Warning: it will likely be TL;DR and full of Lit Major Snark things, so when it comes out, don't read it if you don't wanna know.

Which reminds me: [ profile] team7, I owe you articles. Will work on those soon, pramis! I WILL BE YOUR SLAVE SOON.

On other shoutouts... [ profile] stryderranulf, I will have to humbly request that I only stay until 7 or so when we get to work on the game development stuff. I don't think I should stay out late for a while. ~_~ Apologies.

Righto. Logging off soon. Sleep needed, and if that doesn't come soon, there's always the PSP. *fufufu*

EDIT: Mom says that the symptoms might be indicative of gallstones. Hyperacidity is also a possibility. Gallstones, though. That is just teh suck. =_=
So, following Weird-As-Hell Wednesday:

Thursday: Work, work, work -- still getting used to CMS. Much luff to [ profile] khursten for putting up with my whining and helping me fix stuff. At least MOST of the site is ready for public viewing though. If there is one thing I've learned, it's that I need Adobe Photoshop.

Friday: I was supposed to hold the regularly scheduled Friday Meeting for Formations, but I wanted to take advantage of the few times that my last class for the day gives a free cut... I've a feeling I'll be needing the rest, given my hell week to come.

Saturday: Fitted my dress for the final time at Makati (Anika looked like a blue fairy princess! *_*), joined my parents for their lunch reunion thing with my dad's genius block from grade school-high school-college (yes, I'm surprised at the fact that my dad has friends too) and then spent the rest of the afternoon with [ profile] yukitsu and [ profile] kye_kestrel, with a guest appearance from [ profile] sindapa. We watched Golden Compass for Nicole Kidman and the polar bears. Can't say anything beyond the fact that the movie was pretty.

After [ profile] kye_kestrel headed home, Yukeh and I joined up with [ profile] psychoshoujo, [ profile] team7, [ profile] lonelybusiness, [ profile] saisun and Angel for dinner and bitchery over stupid people. Traffic was horrid, so most of us stayed behind for cake, fun and LOL-Cats!Speak. And I got to sleep earlier than 1 AM for once.

So now it's Sunday, and I have my brothers watching Smallville on the laptop while I mull over exactly how I'm supposed to do that bonus paper for Theology. I've got a talk & thesis consultation to attend to tomorrow, work on Tuesday, Theology tests + Litsoc party on Wednesday, and work again on Thursday. ...At least I don't have Theo on Friday. Here's hoping that the rest of my classes give out free cuts too. :3
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( Oct. 8th, 2007 07:31 am)
"Somewhere over the Internet, someone is laughing at you."

Do you guys believe in this statement, because I sure as hell do.



On other news, I have my PH103 exam in about 2 hours and I know I should be worried/concerned/fretting but I'm not for some reason. I kinda want to get it done with ASAP not so that I can get some huge-ass Stress Weight off my shoulders, but more because I want to go home afterward and play Persona 3 while all the brothers are out of the house. That game amuses me on one account: my main character has more of a social life than I do. XD

Now that I think about it, I'm damned lucky that this is the only thing I have to worry about. My other classes had final paper/final project submissions over exams, and their deadlines were all completed about 1-2 weeks ago. I've basically been on Vacation Mode since Thursday.

...Hence this becomes my one and only post about final exams week. To think I used to post about it so much back in the day. o_O


And just when I thought it was over, all of my favorite TV shows are bringing out their new seasons.

There's anime to watch too.



Request List of Doom is coming out. Look forward to it, friends.


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