[girl talk + health ramble]

Slept really well last night, and my stomach is a whole lot better than it was today and yesterday -- I pin the weirdness mostly on the fact that I have my period for serious now. Saturday and Sunday were just icky flukes.

I will leave my explanation at "icky fluke" there, since there are boys on my flist and they prolly dun wanna go any further.

Anyway, balanced diet FTW! It's hella hard, avoiding the so-called "unhealthy stuff" when you need to eat out, but it's worth it in the long run, I suppose.

[/girl talk + health ramble]

Left the house just a little before lunch so that Peter could return his school books and I could pick up my clearance form. I think that was the only time that the fact that I'm graduating really hit me. o_o I mean, given the events of last year and the crazy stuff in between, I suppose I was just floating through my last REAL year of college this whole time. Even thesis defense wasn't really empirical proof for me. I mean, if you can get diagnosed with a life-threatening condition in the middle of your second semester of your senior year, anything can happen, right?

...Then I found myself standing there early on this afternoon, staring at that white sheet of paper going "Holy God, does that thing say DATE OF GRADUATION? ...Oh mah gee, I'm really writing a date here, aren't I? O_O" to myself.

So. Er. Yeah. Here I am, prepped to do clearance for the rest of the week. And then I gotta get my grades. Then march. Then join the rat race. Tis crazy, I tell you. ~_~

Peter played chaperone to me earlier, since I hooked up with [livejournal.com profile] stryderranulf for the contractual work he signed me up for and Mom didn't like the idea of me meeting up with a guy alone. Peter didn't mind much; he had Kalika!PSP to keep him company. He STILL has Kalika!PSP to keep him company now, in fact. *mutter*


On other news, I am:

1.) Downloading Ookiku Furikabutte 24 & 25. FINALLY.
2.) Still being eaten alive by the WoD Campaign. Players and interested observers, it doesn't look like we'll be able to get a game in this month... April, however, may be freer.
3.) Cooing over my latest icon set and my new mood theme. My LJ currently bleeds Katekyo Hitman Reborn! out of its eyes. XD
4.) Finally done with sorting all my backlogged music downloads. Now I have to do the manga. *stares at the folder*

...Is it just me, or are there absolutely no DVD-R blanks available in any and all CD-R King branches these days?
The Lights Out meeting went well for the most part, although I daresay that I must've been in the bathroom for about half of it. Got srsly sick again. Period + Body Clock Screw-ups Since December + Late, Late Lunch = Not Cool. Ladies, please update me. Apologies for the scare. @_@

I suppose sicking up was a good thing, though... I thought that the last time was just a fluke, but this sorta proved that my body's just been fucked up lately. Srsly must get back to exercising. Srsly must change diet. Srsly must fix body clock. =_=

[/sickness woes!]

Recent events on the scene and personal stuff-stuff have convinced me to make a more intelligent post than the usual about games sometime soon. Warning: it will likely be TL;DR and full of Lit Major Snark things, so when it comes out, don't read it if you don't wanna know.

Which reminds me: [livejournal.com profile] team7, I owe you articles. Will work on those soon, pramis! I WILL BE YOUR SLAVE SOON.

On other shoutouts... [livejournal.com profile] stryderranulf, I will have to humbly request that I only stay until 7 or so when we get to work on the game development stuff. I don't think I should stay out late for a while. ~_~ Apologies.

Righto. Logging off soon. Sleep needed, and if that doesn't come soon, there's always the PSP. *fufufu*

EDIT: Mom says that the symptoms might be indicative of gallstones. Hyperacidity is also a possibility. Gallstones, though. That is just teh suck. =_=
Maybe it's just my imagination, but the workout seems to be paying off so far... I've been hyper at the end of it on both counts, and not nearly as achy as I expected myself to be. @_@

Er. Anyway, I hiked over to Galleria to meet up with Ranulf with regard to our little joint venture and got the first half of my booty, which I promptly blew on two books: an illustrated version of Dracula and Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall. Given the other purchases I've recently made, I seriously have to fix my bookshelf. Seriously.

Ah. Encountered a monstrosity in Bestseller's under the title "Wowee, it's yaoi!" It was this trashy little thing that apparently functioned as 'A compilation of yaoi stories by Western girls'.

Two questions: Why call it yaoi when you can just call it slash? and Why the emphasis on Western?

I have a third, and it goes along the lines of Why does crap like this get published?, but I suppose that's what every avid reader tends to ask at least once in their lifetime, and more often than not it ends up becoming a rhetorical one.

*stares at her bookshelf again*

...I'll get to you soon. Really. .__.

EDITED FOR A DORK MOMENT: Where last month I had consecutive posts for nearly two weeks, this time I post every other day on odd numbers! :D
izkariote: (pervy.)
( Mar. 30th, 2007 10:13 am)
LJ-cut for another picture~~ <3

I dunno about you but... )

My brain is experiencing slow death by paint stench... the workers are now all over our second floor, so I've been forced to flee to the play room if I'm to get any work done. Maybe I'll get back to writing if the dizziness tapers off.

I don't have to go to work until April 9! o_o!

MRI results later~~


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