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([personal profile] izkariote Mar. 30th, 2007 10:13 am)
LJ-cut for another picture~~ <3

Mom: "It's a massage table!"
Me: "...Uh-huh."

See me trying very hard not to stare and think kinky thoughts.

My brain is experiencing slow death by paint stench... the workers are now all over our second floor, so I've been forced to flee to the play room if I'm to get any work done. Maybe I'll get back to writing if the dizziness tapers off.

I don't have to go to work until April 9! o_o!

MRI results later~~

From: [identity profile] izkariote.livejournal.com

...I think I'd be less bothered by it if I hadn't watched all that RL porn, BL, yuri and hentai shiz. x_X

Gah. I keep staring at it.

From: [identity profile] hamster-friend.livejournal.com

Paint is the new Mary Jane. LOL.

...no work until April 9? Panzer Division Holy Week Edition, anyone? -__-

From: [identity profile] izkariote.livejournal.com

*lols* I don't think so. For one, my family's got me all of Holy Week, and for another, JP won't be back until April 14 and you kinda sorta need him for the next leg.

From: [identity profile] schuri-requiem.livejournal.com

Kinky looking table. Haha.

The primitive "Paanakan" table looks more kinkier, though. Hahaha. I'll try to take a pic when I get back to the hospital.

From: [identity profile] yukitsu.livejournal.com

*stare* Massage table. *brain dies*


From: [identity profile] udon-in-osaka.livejournal.com

LMFAO @ photo. XD

Dontcha just love it when parents buy awkward furniture?

From: [identity profile] izkariote.livejournal.com

Yep. Black leather. I've seen ones with blood red leather before. @_@ Wrongness.

From: [identity profile] kye-kestrel.livejournal.com

... Argh. Thanks to you I know what a real massage table looks like. And this little voice just suggested that it be a useful tool for 69age. The idea won't leave me now! +_____+


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