This weekend ended wonderfully, and was the best possible thing a girl could ask for after having an exceptionally harrowing week.

Saturday: [ profile] yukitsu came over although she slept in and should have been around earlier than she was but she fails at waking up so yeah 8D -- we fixed my room (sort of... at least everything's been shoved out of sight and my bookshelf is back to being pretty? o_o), bought (and ate) ice cream, and watched Macross Frontier and Appleseed. Deunan Knute goes right up there with Balsa and Balalaika on my Tough Women I Want to Have Babies With Even Though They'll Prolly Kill Me list, and THERE IS SOMETHING FUNDAMENTALLY WRONG/RIGHT WITH ALTO BEING KANDA!FACE + ABE!VOICE. D:

Today: The usual Sunday gig, 'cept Petrik's family made a guest appearance; Anika got to bully bugger Dad with her cuteness in order to get him to crack nuts for her (no, for serious: she's fascinated at how he does it), and Petrik and Yas talked to my mom about their Church wedding plans. They might have the ceremony in Taal, with the Punzalan Ancestral House as a possible venue for the reception. They left an hour or so after lunch, and everyone kinda went their separate ways... I did some more writing (mostly backlogged drabble ideas from WAY back for Endtimes) and picked up where I left off with the doujinshi downloading madness. [ profile] hitman_reborn is a bad place to be for a fangirl like me. *coughs*

Being able to do absolutely useless things is very satisfying -- I'm listening through the music lists for my stories (and all characters/pairings/battles within) and STILL downloading KHR porn doujin, and [ profile] yukitsu and I are also spamming each other's inboxes with alerts while we update our accounts with all the crap we've written these past few months. People who have me on Author Alert must hate me for the huge-ass fic dumps I have a tendency to do. XD

Right. Now, since third time's the charm and all, if you haven't already answered this poll for me, please answer. THE TIES MUST BE BROKEN.


EDIT 2: Posted again. It's Oofuri porn this time. ♥♥♥


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