So I spent all of last night and most of today cramming writing 25 drabbles for [ profile] khursten, since I am poor and can only whore out my writing and weird-ass brainfarts as birthday gifts.

Here's the lowdown, if you wanna read them~


Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (8018 TYL fluff), Metal Gear Solid (Otacon/Snake + Ocelot/Snake), Darker than Black (November 11/Hei + Mao), Moyashimon (Kei/Tadayasu).

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (TYL!Yamamoto + TYL!Gokudera & TYL!8018 angst), MPD Psycho/Monster/House MD Crossover thing, Ookiku Furikabutte (Kazu/Junta), Final Fantasy Tactics (Delita/Ramza),

Final Fantasy 12 (Basch/Larsa), Ookiku Furikabutte (Rio/Junta), Metal Gear Solid (Big Boss/Ocelot + Otacon/Snake crack), Katekyo Hitman Reborn (Romario & Dino)

Katekyo Hitman Reborn (Spy!Hibird + Kusakabe/Hibari I AM NOT KIDDING), Peacemaker (Hijikata/Okita), Moyashimon (Hasegawa/Mutou/Hasegawa), Gintama (Hijikata)

Final Fantasy Tactics (Delita & Ramza), Final Fantasy 12 (Basch/Larsa), Darker than Black (Hei & Mao), Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (27D) and Fruits Basket (Mabudachi Trio)

...I think I have completely bludgeoned my Muse to death.

Well, one thing's for sure: my brain hurts. o_o

I won't be around for until late Saturday night since [ profile] khursten is celebrating her birthday tomorrow and then there's my Dad's party on Saturday. A less boring post will follow once those are done. XD
...Got my first papercut in years over at the STAR today. @_@ I'd nearly forgotten how much those hurt like a bitch.

[ profile] seranx, you and I need to plan.

69 Challenge Entries #60-69: 3 Bloodsport, 1 Chaos Rising/Sailor Moon, 1 D.Grayman, 1 Final Fantasy 7, 1 Initial D, 1 Lyn's project, 1 Peacemaker Kurogane, 1 Thick as Thieves
iWHORE & other non-69 Challenge Entries: 2 Bloodsport
Requests granted and dedications made for: [ profile] yukitsu, [ profile] kye_kestrel and [ profile] archangel_dream

2 continuing mini-drabble-series and a shitload of pr0n.


HEADS UP TO THE PANZER DIVISION: The campaign is definitely up for this weekend. As it stands now the venue is at [ profile] miyachan's apartment, but I want to see hands for anyone who can offer a second choice in case something happens.
Finally finished with my end of the deal for the drabble fever that plagued several cliques of writers over at [ profile] reuk_schitz... I was part of the troop that did 60 each, alongside [ profile] yukitsu and [ profile] ravenel. Here's some mad linking for the fic journal entries I have for my work~

Drabbles 1-14. Citrus Avenue, Endtimes & Thick as Thieves.
Drabbles 15 & 16. Citrus Avenue.
Drabbles 17-20. Endtimes: Shadowsong & Thick as Thieves.
Drabbles 21-25. Endtimes, Yukikaze, Magna Carta & Devil May Cry.
Drabbles 26-37. Citrus Avenue, Endtimes, Thick as Thieves, Yukikaze & Final Fantasy 7.
Drabbles 38-43. Final Fantasy 7, Kingdom Hearts, Full Metal Alchemist, Thick as Thieves, Endtimes & Magna Carta.
Drabbles 44-52. Bloodsport, Final Fantasy 10, Kingdom Hearts II, Endtimes, Final Fantasy 8, Peacemaker & Monster.
Last batch: 53-60. Bleach, Gundam Seed, Bloodsport.

Note to those who didn't already know: Endtimes and Thick as Thieves are original works of mine. Bloodsport is a collaboration I've started with [ profile] yukitsu and [ profile] archangel_dream, while Citrus Avenue is a brain child of mine and [ profile] ezraelandvari. It has its own at [ profile] citrus_avenue, where you can keep track of the happenings in that universe. ^_^

Although technically I am finished, I'll continue along with drabble sets up until May 15, which is my new deadline now that I've been tricked coerced bribed kindly persuaded into pushing the bill until 120. :3

*pimps her fic journal @ [ profile] stitchedophelia yet again*

Nearly done with Kingdom Hearts II. [ profile] makintash and I almost regret not doing Proud Mode, now that we've learned that you have to complete all the mini games in order to view the secret ending in Standard. Almost.
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( Mar. 15th, 2004 01:16 pm)
Ho-hum. I'd regall all of you with a full-length account of all the crazy shit that took place between Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday morning, but I'm going to be left unsatisfied at not being able to cover it all. XD

Dad's birthday today... the office is holding a party for him, so that's going to swallow up my afternoon. T_T Oh well... at least I'm going to be fed well.

Well, what do you know? More ML people being annoying. Haha. Amusing. Hahaha. Really. Hahahaha. Just as amusing as the double-barelled shotgun that I wish I had in my hands. Hahahahaha.

Now to mope in a corner and curse about what a cliffhanger Peacemaker Kurogane episode 22 was. It's a good thing that Khursten already know what happens... if I didn't I'd surely go crazy. >_
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( Feb. 26th, 2004 12:30 pm)
I think, for the first time in my life, I will pass a long exam in Math 11.

*hops around the room doing vague rain dances in the blistering heat*

Today was good. REALLY good. Khursten brought Volumes 4-6 of Peacemaker, and I cannot begin to describe my joy. Never have I ever fangirled over a series the way I do this one. ^_______^

My internet has finally returned to me... let's hope that sugoiRO starts working again too. That'll just make my day.

La la la. Another meeting with the regulars tomorrow... I can't wait to go to CCHQ and watch Tin-san's reaction when Khursten lugs Peacemaker over.

One last note for frying one's brains over... it's curious how all of the girls my little brother meets online through RO seem to be yaoi fans. o_O


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