...And I can only hope to God that I'm not jinxing myself by announcing that. It was out for a good, long time. @_@ ANYWAY, DAY UPDATES.

Mom jostled me awake a bit too early for my stomach to handle and breakfast wasn't good (pancakes, which would otherwise be okay except my body has had a hard time digesting pastry products and bread in the morning lately), so cue me feeling ill. I was supposed to hang out with [ profile] _stillframe_ after doing my grad studies stuff too. Woez. T_T

ANNOUNCEMENT TO SIR DM HUNTERS: Please be informed that he won't be around until... I dunno, tomorrow or Friday? So if you have deadlines (i.e. recommendation letters for grad studies)... well, good luck. He promised my letter on Saturday, but I won't be able to pick it up until after my trip. I've done the paranoid thing and had my old Theology prof Sir Lib sign another recommendation letter just in case.

Beyond that, though, I submitted my application to the English Department in ADMU. Time to hope and wait and pray, folks.

Ahurhur. I apparently suck at identifying my own writing without checking. I only managed to answer, like, 2-3 of the lines that people hit me with. ;A; If you're feeling cruel, you can go dig up more obscure stuff over at [ profile] stitchedophelia and hit me on that entry.

Speaking of my writing. I finally picked up the free copies of that anthology I got published in. Late, I know. XD

BATANES SOON. LIKE, THIS FRIDAY. HAVEN'T PACKED. SKIPPING WORK TO DO SO TOMORROW. That will also leave me time to kick back a bit, maybe write some more birthday drabbles for [ profile] yukitsu (I got a few done while I was out and when the power was still gone) and possibly restart my printing of the oldest version of Endtimes.
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( Apr. 4th, 2008 07:07 pm)
April Resolution: Attempt to post at least once every day, with the natural exception of the times you'll be out of town.

Spamming, I can has it. :D

*headdesk* Slept at around 2 AM because Peter and I ended up talking most of the night away (we've been camping out in the guest room because there's an airconditioner and a biiiig bed there and both are very nice things to have in this summer heat). I woke up too early for my tastes because Peter had set the aircon on too high, so I staggered over to my room to lie down for a while before eating breakfast.

My laptop's wire kinda-sorta twisted itself up too much and ended up snapping somehow... I spotted the break yesterday, but it didn't look like it would stop working completely. u_u And then it did just that this morning. It was a good thing I managed to catch Dad before he left -- I'm using his general adapter until I can get mine replaced.

Today was supposed to be spent plotting stuff, BUT I-I DIDN'T GET MUCH OF ANYTHING DONE. @ WRITING. ET, I AM SORRY. ;A; It's partially my wrist's fault (...why is it still mildly fucked up? T_T), and partially the weather (EVEN AN INDUSTRIAL-LEVEL FAN CANNOT BEAT IT BACK) but it IS mostly my fault because I elected to watch animu first, and then I just ended up watching and watching and watching...


Still, I ♥ the place. Wouldn't ever think of not dropping in there as much as I can.

Okay. Now that I'm done being random, it's Important Announcement time:

Please keep that day open~ venue is my house until further notice.

If there's anyone on the flist who's interested in watching, please comment. I'll have to see if I can accommodate you that day. :o [ profile] khursten, though, is already on the Guest List, so she dun have to confirm with me!

Duhr. I think I'm going to end up sleeping early tonight. [ profile] yukitsu, I'll see you tomorrow? CAKE GET?
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( Mar. 26th, 2008 09:14 pm)
I'm on a self-imposed break from plotting because my wrist acted up last night. It's still kind of achy now. T_T At least I got a lot done yesterday. I was camping out in my parents' room with the laptop because the maids wanted to give my room a good scrub-down. They hardly ever get to when I'm just bumming out at home. Imma recluse, see. :o

Today was girly day~ Mom and I went out to Trinoma this afternoon to find me a good dress to wear, since those sexist and/or perverted Jesuits Ateneo requires the girls to wear either a skirt or a dress under their togas during the ceremony. There were so many shiny feminine things in the mall... it make me realize, once again, just how hard it is to be a girl gamer. There's so much to spend for, and so little money to go around. *crai*

I did get a nice dress though. Will be pimping it to the family right after the ceremony. ♥

Oh. While we were at the mall, mom was like, "Your aunts and uncles are asking what you want as a grad gift". I tried VERY hard not to scream "MONEYZ!" and spent the whole trip thinking about all those little things I need/want but can never spend for, for the love of porn my hobbies. Here's some of the stuff I thought of:

  • Black printer ink. I'll be printing lots over the summer, given the way my writing has been going. ENDTIMES, THIS IS YOUR FAULT.
  • Bath/shower gel. I'm not kidding. I love the stuff but I'm never willing to spend for it.
  • An office chair! With a full back! And ARMRESTS!
  • An 8 GB flash drive.
  • An extra battery for Aidan!Laptop. He deserves it. u_u

...Iyeah. All that PC stuff is pretty indicative of who I am, huh?


Will be going out again tomorrow to get my hair done. Lulz, femininity.

And fuck.

On Friday, I'm fucking graduating.


I think I'm going to end up making an LJ post every time I have to report to work at my dad's office... turns out my Dad needs me to draw up my own billing, and LJ has already served as a reference for me twice already. o_o Anyhuu, the company website is practically done -- the only thing that's missing is all the data on the company's projects and the sales & marketing stuff. It's hard to gather everything though; I've been asking for that stuff since I started working on the site, and I can't exactly ask my Dad for it.

[/end pseudo-rant]

On more fangirl news, my ToA copy is starting to fess up which is sad because if it stops working before I get to meet (and hear) Dist I'll miss out on the gayness! and I just watched episode two of Persona ~Trinity Soul~. A point from one of the members of [ profile] gekkoukanhigh got me thinking: it's possible that Ryohei's informant (the guy he's always talking on the cellular phone with) is Akihiko. The voice actor is apparently the same, and... well, there have been WAY too many Persona 3-related Easter eggs in the series to ignore so far. o_O

If Persona ~Trinity Soul~ ends up directly connected to the game, that MIGHT effect the plans I had for this longfic that I was going to set around 30 years after Persona 3. ...Then again, it might not.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a very light day for me, but I've a Formations session scheduled in the afternoon. Why do org things always fall on the rare times when more than one of my classes is a free cut? T_T

Oh yah! I'm still looking for prompts, people!
...I'm not entirely sure why I dragged myself to the office today. All of the bosses are out (including my dad), and none of the information I need is available because, well, just about everyone is gone anyway. About the only productive things I managed to do was change some of my LJ icons and build the portal for the Sales & Marketing section of the company website. Given that I was absent for a whole week, I suppose that me being here now is fine though. ~_~

Things have finally started winding down over at the Punzalan household, as a good number of my cousins returned to the USA this morning -- the ones that remain are a bit washed out from all the partying, and that's not too surprising. I think that there'll be a dinner of some sort at the house tonight, but I doubt it'll be anything big. If I'm lucky, I'll be able to spend this coming weekend with people OTHER than my relatives. It's been a while.

Here be random fandom notes:

2.) The L Word Season 5 is finally out. I hope it wasn't too badly affected by the writer's strike. o_o
3.) Kylie Minogue's a nutcase, but you gotta love her for starring in that Dr. Who special. ...It made me miss the series.
4.) Strait Jacket looks like it's going to be one of those series that hang dangerously between being really cool and being really, REALLY bad.

[/end fangirlism]

Am likely to end up leaving the office early because mom wants to take me to the doctor -- I'm still hacking up a bit of phlegm, and it's starting to turn yellow again. TMI, I know. Going back to skuel tomorrow because I skipped the other day. I wonder what little I missed. ...Here's hoping I'll get back into Work Mode by then. o_o


I also need to change my LJ layout and use that pretty header [ profile] macgirl_13 made for me.

On a final note, it is most strange not having Pio at the house. ._.
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( Nov. 4th, 2007 09:33 pm)
Story, pictures and other stuff to follow.

...I am so behind. @ NaNoWriMo.
Before all else:

R.I.P. Asami Tohjoh
You weren't the best BL mangaka I've read, but I'd be a liar if I said that I didn't love some of your work. And any writer who spreads the love has a special place in my heart.

Refer to this post if you want to know some of the details.

Spent the whole day fixing all the images and LJ icons on my computer... I've got about a year's worth of backlog from a whole bunch of sources. The fact that my internet connection is fucking up didn't help the speed much either. .-.

I took advantage of the plus account features and set up icons in the new slots that popped up. [ profile] yukitsu, if it's not too much trouble, can you help me track down who and where to credit for some of these. o_o I changed the ones on [ profile] stitchedophelia too.

On more LJ stuff. here's the link to the gallery of potential header images that I promised to show to [ profile] macgirl_13 in my last post. I'd really, really like a header whose width spans 770px or more to match the way my new layout's been coded. @_@ I can take care of the rest (aka coloring et al).

Baguio tomorrow all the way until Sunday evening. I've packed all the important stuff... I'll be bringing Aidan and Persona 3 along to see if I can get anything done at the country club.

NaNoWriMo starts today, and I still haven't figured out what I want to write. =_=

[EDIT]: new drabbles @ stitchedophelia. I didn't bother with a pimpage post because there are only three of them. THIS POST HAS MY FIRST P3 FIC EVAR! D:
I just spent about an hour flat on my back in bed, reading my handouts. Yesterday's workout and gallivanting around with [ profile] archangel_dream, [ profile] ravyn_ashling, [ profile] dadomz and [ profile] yukitsu (with guest appearances by [ profile] xhael and [ profile] miyachan with the invisible presence of [ profile] sindapa) left me achy all of today. @_@

Crowd at Jasper's Book Sale of Doom (LAST DAY, YAY FOR MY POCKET! ONOZ!) was crazy as always: [ profile] hamster_friend was there, along with the old Litsoc crew. The only annoyance was one particularly opinionated young lit major who was manning the booth with us. I'm counting on Pulan to set her straight in the future.

Ah yeah. [ profile] kye_kestrel, if you still want a Moleskine, I may be able to arrange for it outside of the book sale. Just let me know. :3

Shakespeare report went swimmingly, although the sudden turn in weather made me regret the fact that I was discussing Midsummer Night's Dream and not The Tempest. Litsoc film showing went pretty well too, although I didn't stick around to watch: it was Spirited Away with horrid Chinese subtitles.

Reminder to self: bring your swanky digital copy. Y'know, the one with good translations. >_>

I've read up for tomorrow's class (literary motif + a story on love + one of Nick Joaquin's drunken spree works), and now I'm just about ready to marathon/read backlogged manga/fix files. [ profile] yukitsu will be coming over after class, and the two of us shall proceed to chill out and spend absolutely no money. This week has been pretty crazy, so that sort of slow down is right up my alley.

*stares at [ profile] stitchedophelia*

Half of me regrets the fact that I really haven't been able to write creatively as of late. I've been editing older projects and I made a few scribbles in The Holy Moleskine, but beyond that there just hasn't been any time for it. On the upside, however, I've been gobbling books up like crazy since the school year began. It started with Lovecraft -- now I'm plowing through speculative history. Jasper's Book Sale of Doom didn't help at all: I now have even MORE books on the growing hit list. =_=

On another note, my Saint Seiya download still isn't done. ;_;


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