I actually started writing this one from my cousin’s flat – it’s the place I’ve been staying in for nearly a week now. As those of you on plurk already know, there’s no net access from home yet. Planned on making this entry when I was actually online, but whenever I get online, I end up doing a whole bunch of other things instead. XD

So! Singapore. Where do I begin?

Watch out for them teal deers. )

Summary: it’s been a pretty crazy trip so far. I have no doubt that it’ll just get crazier from here.

I told [livejournal.com profile] yukitsu, [livejournal.com profile] khursten, [livejournal.com profile] kye_kestrel and a few others this before, but back before I left home, I knew that somehow this trip would be good for me. So far, I’m right. There is a special joy that comes with being on your own, with no one to really rely on but yourself – sure, you have to do all of your stuff on your own and plan all of this stuff on your own and worry about your cash and your laundry and your room and your commuting route, but god, it’s glorious.

It’s the little things that are best about independence, I realize. Standing around at the bus station while you wait for your ride home, listening to Nine Inch Nails on your mobile and absorbing the noise and heat of the city, wandering outside to the balcony of the place you’re staying in to light up and enjoy the breeze… that sort of stuff. Take note: I’m the 25-year-old girl who’s still living with her parents and therefore subject to all sorts of loving but ultimately ridiculous rules. I don’t love my family any less, but I am starting to see that I really need to get out there already. And Singapore is the first step.

I do miss my cat my cat, though. Like, really, really, really miss her. There are lots of friendly strays that are beautiful looking and plump and stuff, but they just make me wish that I could’ve brought Gouto with me. And I kind of really wish my girl friends from home were down here with me too. ._.

Anyway, I previously mentioned that having no internet at home is really good for me. This applies in more than just one direction. For one, so far, I’ve managed to read half of the huge-ass pile of unread comics and doujinshi that have just been piling up on my hard drive for the past year and a half. For another, I’ve managed to catch up on a lot of anime and tv shows, and watch some movies that have also been idling around in my collection. Something tells me that if I had brought my PS3 along, I would’ve been able to play through some of the games that I’ve had to set aside too – but it’s a good thing that I didn’t, else I’d be distracted. Forever.

Oh, and I’ve gotten a lot of writing done. Like, a lot of writing. Let me show you. :3


† DURARARA! Izaya, Kida, rendezvous. // The possibility of zero.
† COUNT CAIN/GODCHILD. Riff, Cain, watching. // And yes, the way you look at me.
† FINAL FANTASY 7. Aerith, ghosts. // A new iconography of resurrection.
† GINTAMA. Gintoki, Katsura, how things have changed. // Faith is a series of calculations.
† SOUL CAMPAIGN (RP). Vergil, Yuna and a bottle of booze. // Women do have an affinity for evil
† SOUL CAMPAIGN (RP). Genesis, Vergil, black mail. // Only enemies speak the truth
† SOUL CAMPAIGN (RP). Phoenix, Edgeworth, Soul Talk. // Sic probo
† SOUL CAMPAIGN (RP). Date, Dante, getting crazy. // Scuse me while I kiss this guy.
† SOUL CAMPAIGN (RP). Dojima, Roy, taking the next step. // When a heart must go where it belongs
† SOUL CAMPAIGN (RP). Mukuro, Adah, experimentation. // Given the scalpel, they dissect a kiss.
† SOUL CAMPAIGN (RP). Shizuo, Nanako, babysitting. // The quiet moments while the city’s still dark.
† SOUL CAMPAIGN (RP). Roy, Vergil, discipline. // Nous sommes fucked.
† SOUL CAMPAIGN (RP). Vergil, Kurapika, treating ladies right. // Confusion that is so hard to be avoided.
† SOUL CAMPAIGN (RP). Pedosun, Voyeurmoon and creeper!Adah. // Things in heavenly bodies.
† SOUL CAMPAIGN (RP). Roy, Celty, silence. // You can either hold on or let go.
† SOUL CAMPAIGN (RP). Rhode, Chrome, tension is sex. // I (don’t) hate you.
† SOUL CAMPAIGN (RP). Mukuro, Rhode, ten years later. // She got a buttermilk smile and a thorny touch.

Week Three, here I come.
H-hahahaha, I suppose a somewhat monthly update is better than no update at alll...

Hi gayz. Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and all that jazz. My life? It has been nothing but crazy as of late, but in a good way.

SO AS OF LAST ENTRY I said I was going to SG, and I did, and it was really fun because [livejournal.com profile] khursten was with me and we stayed with [livejournal.com profile] tasogareika, which meant that we got to bug her 24/7, which we did. The conference was also super cool, because the topics were awesome, and I met people, and I also met this lady whose papers I actually refer to in my papers, which is the academic equivalent of a celebrity orgasm.

Going home meant going back to the Christmas rush, which wasn't so bad - didn't end up going to Baguio with the family, but I did give myself an early vacation. (I deserved it, okay. T_T) The break was just what I needed to get myself back on track, since we had our usual huge-ass gathering at home, and my amazing cousin got my bro and I Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (THE ENDING OF WHICH IS TYPICALLY WHAT THE FUCK). New Year's Eve, however, was slightly different, because a family friend of my father's invited our clan to spend New Year's with them in the kick-ass resort that they own.

Fireworks, free flowing booze, clubbing music and awesome accommodations. For those two days, all was right with the world.

ANYWAY SO. As those of you on Plurk already know, I won't be finishing my semester with Ateneo this year - this is because NUS offered me a research grant. ...Sort of. More like, I was given a strong referral, and now I'm waiting to see if the my proposal is good enough for them. How this happened? Just ask me; I don't want to talk about it online. This is kind of a win-win situation for me, because if I do end up really getting in, I'm spending the next two months in Singapore and getting paid even more for work that I love to do even more than teaching. If I don't actually make it, then at least I got to escape from a batch of kids that I didn't really enjoy teaching.

Of course, I'd prefer it if I got in, s-so. Here's hoping.

As it is, I have done all the preparations on my end, so I just need their word and I'm good to go. The English Department was real sweet about me going for a bit then coming back to teach for the next school year, and I managed to drop all of my classes and take a leave without too much hassle.

Oh yeah. I am writing again, more or less regularly. It is an amazing feeling.
This is so overdue, it ain't funny.

+ I managed to submit my paper as planned! I also finished my teacherly work, although it took a lot longer than it should have. Lol, vacation mode. Good job, brain.
+ I may have discovered something that could land me a research scholarship thing in Japan.
+ This semester ended with a bang and lovely family things.
+ Slept over at the Cheng Chua pad since Khursten is house sitting.
+ RP is starting to lose its flavor.
+ Fandom never gives me pretty things. :|
+ NaNoWriMo is coming up. I need to get my ass in gear and start warming up with ficcage. Undecided on what project to do, though.

And the long versions! )

The cat has greatly missed me, it seems, and it is also time for dinner.
Our PLDT DSL line appears to have completely killed itself - it just died overnight a few days back, and hasn't come on again. I tried calling them up, and they said they'd get back to me and file a report.

They haven't gotten back to me, and I doubt that they ever filed anything.

Philippine Internet: Made of Fail.

Currently running on smartBRO - I've been meaning to get a prepaid dongle thing for myself for quite some time now, so I guess this is all right.

If there is one good thing, though, about not having a fast and stable connection that I can keep on for ages, it's that I can let my brain idle more. For one, I usually hit the PC right after I roll out of bed and check things/tag around THEN end up rushing to get ready to go. Now I wake up, roll around, eat a proper brunch and prepare my things at my leisure, since I get lazy at the thought of setting up my laptop just to connect.

Speaking of brain idling: I'm not sure if it's a sign of age or exhaustion. I was totally internetless on Friday night, which left me with so many options on what to do. I ended up doing nothing but flop around in bed. It was oddly nice. o_o

Maybe I should take that as a sign and start shaving away at the the things I think I need to do or think about but actually don't.

Last full month of the semester has arrived, and not too much has changed. Students are a little less annoying, although I'm still having some trouble with the usuals. I'll write a longer entry on them sometime soonish, or maybe tell whoever wants to hear about it.

I was supposed to review the entire set of Philippine Speculative Fiction novels for the POC Review, but the project ended up falling through.

...sob, all of my effort. I suppose I can use it for something else...

Grad studies class is picking up again, since we haven't been able to meet each other nearly as much as we're supposed to. Got a report on Paradise Lost, which isn't really coincidental - my professor knows that I used the epic poem for my undergrad thesis. I've brought home the book I used as my primary source, and will be rifling through my notecards before I read through the whole thing to see if there's anything that I can use.

On that note, I've been meaning to go over my undergrad thesis and see if I can revise it and make it conference-paper or journal-worthy. Might as well: it'd actually be a waste to let all of that research gather dust.

I occasionally get worried that I might be going too slow with my scholarly shenanigans.

Then I remember that I intend to do this my whole life anyway, along with whatever else I can manage to get done. Should stop belittling my own achievements too - that's always good for one's self-esteem.

Why society is so obsessed with people hitting "success" at a young age is beyond me. Sure, some of us don't have a choice, but let's admit it - most of us do, and just pretend that we don't. Seriously, guys: if you end up killing yourself in pursuit of your goals, there doesn't seem to be a point to it.

This weekend was pretty nice, since I got to watch some sophomore Asian History sections duke it out in Bel Field via Kibasen, and I got to roll around with [livejournal.com profile] khursten even if she turned me into her slave labor at her office. Sunday was fun, too - went to the Esteban household for my cousin Jonat's birthday, and it's been a while since I've spoken to him and his siblings.

I now kind of want to invest in an iTouch or something like it, though. MUST RESIST AND SAVE UP FOR SPEAKERS/MONITOR/EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE/WINDOWS 7. ;A;

RP eats up a crap load of my time, yes, and is sometimes more stressful than it is worth. I've met a lot of people through it, though, and nothing beats being able to log with and plot with people who truly matter to me. Plus, I've got to admit it: I RP for the game, not for the company. Anything can be done if it means pushing the game forward.

Still, I should strike a balance between the roleplay and my writing. I haven't been writing all that much these days.

...Which might actually be less of a problem created by RP, and more because of RL. This year was even crazier than last year, now that I think about it. I'm often too tired or washed out to do anything with myself at the end of each day.

Interestingly enough, though, I have started on several short stories. I didn't used to do short stories, as some of you know. Let's just see how things turn out. o3o

Livejournal staff people have to stop breaking things that work just fine.

Note to self: check your flist more often.


Shit, it's been a while. I really suck at updating this thing once vacation starts, huh. o_o

So anyway, last week of school was pretty nifty - wrapped up lessons, had a Christmas party with the department (although I was only really able to stay for the food, um), sent my kids off without any real holiday assignments since their other profs are probably going to fill their breaks in with stuff that they're not going to do anyway (we also had Christmas parties in my En12 classes and a free cut for my Lit14ers), then zoomed off to Makati with [livejournal.com profile] khursten last Friday to celebrate Faith's birthday. Slept over at Khursten's place, of course, since the parentals don't like me traveling alone late at night - but "sleeping over", of course, is always a lie. XD

A-anyway, Khursten was kind enough to take me out to Alabang last Saturday morning/afternoonish, because Peter and I had planned to go out and see my brother Pio, his wife Mai Mai, and our cutest (only) little godchild Mimi. We hung out with them for a while (and witnessed the shiny that is a PS3) before we went off to Greenhills to buy our OWN PS3.

(Note: the PS3 is possibly the REAL reason why I've missed out on updating here.)

It's been a while since I had a date with my little brother. I missed it terribly. ;;

Most of Sunday was eaten up by the Banaag Family Reunion, which was kind of meh and kind of cool for me all at the same time (I've never been big on the family thing). AND FROM THEN ON, I HAVE BEEN ROLLING AROUND AT HOME, ALTERNATELY PLAYING VALKYRIA CHRONICLES AND FICCING CHRISTMAS GIFTS.

Oh, but I did go out with the girls yesterday. ALL YOU CAN EAT YAKINIKU FOR 500 PESOS/11-12 DOLLARS, FUCK YES.

Two days before Christmas, and six days after that, it'll be 2010.

I'm always vaguely amazed by that.

Will have some memes lined up to figure out how 2009 has been, and to properly introduce myself to the flist, for those who know me, don't know me, and for myself.

P.S. For those of you who aren't following [livejournal.com profile] stitchedophelia, I've been posting up the fics people asked for on my holiday requests post bit by bit. Master list will go up here on Christmas day, and I may or may not be a little late with some of them. WISH ME LUCK.

50202 / 50000 words. 100% done!

I actually gunned the remaining 8,000 words that I had in a single seating on Thursday, but I got lazy to post about it until now. XD

Fastest NaNo completion I've had yet, but this was, perhaps, my hardest year doing it. Will use the time I've got left to take a break and go back to absorbing new material in preparation for Christmas.

+ My Christmas Wishlist! ♥
+ Katekyo Hitman Reborn Fanmix. Dino Cavallone & Hibari Kyouya - From Year Zero to Ten.

Some people, [livejournal.com profile] _sabriel included, have been asking me about the books that I want, since I mentioned it as one of my items and I wasn't very specific. So here is a shortlist! )

Here's some real life updates.

I HAVE AN MA CLASS AGAIN. After all the heartache, the chair of my department stepped in when she found out that I'll be forced on a leave of absence due to the dissolving of all the classes that I could have enrolled in, so she has offered to hold a Development of Drama tutorial for me, one-on-one. What does this mean?

A.) We only meet a few times in the semester, and on our own terms.
B.) I do all the studying on my own, as I see fit.
D.) Since I have more free time, I'll likely be using it to relax, step up my game with my teaching, write more, and finally go to driving school. CAN HAS WHEELS SOON.

I'm hella lucky, because Doctor Lulu is one of the best professors we've got. Now I'll have the privilege of learning under her in a very intimate setting.

On other school-related things: am getting my pace with my En12 and Lit14 classes. Looks like it won't be nearly as bad as I thought it would be. ...Then again, it may be too early to tell at this point.

Also: the new Rizal Library is kind of. Um. Shiny.

There's nothing like having a great set of friends to show you that life isn't difficult at all; merely interesting. ♥

18442 / 50000 words. 37% done!

Solved the dilemma that I got myself into, but still too slow on the writing front for my tastes. It helps, though, not writing linearly!

I'll be posting my status reports over at [livejournal.com profile] stitchedophelia for the interested. The first one is over here, with an excerpt featuring I-pin.

Pimping this meme entry again, because I like to TL;DR!

Anyway uh so what happened to me and why did I end up wasting so much time in ADMU over registration. Basically. they changed their policies when it comes to filing for tuition discounts, making it ten times more hassling than it used to be with extra signatures and photocopies and all... we weren't informed either (at least I wasn't, and I don't remember any announcement going up at the department), so I only found out about it after lining up several times over.

If that wasn't enough, there's the fact that after going through all the hassle, I was told that my class got "dissolved" - or more like, it's closed to outsiders, since it was meant to be a special tutorial for some of the other MA students in the department. It was just listed as an "official" class by accident.

So I go on campus the next day, and attempt to re-enlist for another class. Stupid AISIS doesn't allow me to. Twice over.

Yeah, it was a glorious fucking screw-up, I tell you.

I do firmly believe that the registrar over at my university should go through the process that they've made, just to see how inefficient and hassling it is firsthand. Maybe it'll kick them into coming up with something better.

On happier news, I got to go out with the Faura smoket group and celebrate [livejournal.com profile] hamster_friend's birthday in their very excellent company. Trust in Ateneans to balance out stupid inuman shit with highfalutin personal philosophies and ghost stories.

(Note: must invite group to house. Parents get finnicky about people whom they have not met in person yet.)

My parents celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary the next day, which was nice and intimate. Anika was trufax adorable, and Mimi (Pio's first daughter, and my goddaughter! *A*) made a guest appearance!

Was tired as heck by the time I got home (haven't slept all that early since Singapore), but ended up staying around until 2 AM, bugging [livejournal.com profile] khursten and writing with my Dying Will. Just stopped writing to make this entry.

School's starting up again tomorrow. I feel a little more prepared to teach the subjects they've assigned me to teach this semester: now it's just a matter of preparing my syllabi and leaping into the water.
As the Plurklings will know, I've been killing myself over a fic lately.

Yes. A single fic.

I think it's the hardest thing I've written in a long, long time.

OH YEAH THIS IS KIND OF IMPORTANT: LJ notifications did not work for me for like, a WEEK. So if you had anything important for me in any comment, p-please ping me or something? ;w;

Have another fanmix, guys... it's the first of the sets I did during my Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core high. This one, along with the others I've made, goes out to [livejournal.com profile] sabriel, of whom I owe a shitload to because I haven't been able to do her fics yet. orzzzz

Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core

A Fanmix

The tracks are meant to be listened in order, as it kinda-sorta runs chronlogical with the events of the game.

HOOBASTANK. Born to Lead
DEVOTCHKA. The Enemy Guns
JOHNNY CASH. God's Gonna Cut You Down
OVER IT. Gunslinger (Runnin' Out of Time)
THE CULT. My Bridges Burn
KINGS OF CONVENIENCE. Winning a Battle, Losing a War
BECK. Farewell Ride
30 SECONDS TO MARS. The Fantasy



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