Went back to the office today~ it was kinda annoying, though, because the LAN cable I use to directly connect to the teh awesome godly office intarwebz connection was jacked for some reason. u_u Ended up subsiding on the wireless, but that wasn't really bad because it's actually a little slower but a little more stable than my direct connection at home.

...I should be disturbed by that, shouldn't I?

Uh, anyway, work's been slow, so I spent most of my time oggling P4 with [livejournal.com profile] kye_kestrel, chatting with [livejournal.com profile] khursten (I assaulted her first -- I need material for a D18 fic I'm planning! [livejournal.com profile] ficcentricity, IT'S THAT ONE! *A*) and bugging [livejournal.com profile] synatri. I also managed to get a whole bunch of drabbles done; most of them are for [livejournal.com profile] kitsune_jade (her birthday's coming up) and a few are for the people who pwned me in this meme.

I also whored some long overdue DDL manga links. I had to be careful, though: the front pages of the sites I was downloading for were SNFWS!

...I was yawning the whole day. I think I better sleep early tonight.

Fandom bitch moment of the day: Wat. Wtf is an Oofurian. More importantly, WTF IS THAT ART IT'S UGLY.

Have a meme, people.

Name a character (or real person) and I'll give you
(a) three facts about them from my personal fanon,
(b) a reason he/she sucks,
(c) a reason he/she is awesome,
(d) five things that never happened to that character/real person,
(e) five people that character/real person did/refused to fall in love with and how. Have at it!

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( Apr. 28th, 2008 03:57 pm)
I'M HOME. Batanes was wonderful, as in, Prettiest Damned Place in the Whole Philippines sort of wonderful. I have pictures and a long post brewing after I conk out and rest up. 8D

What I went through prior to making this entry:

1.) Unpacking my bag.
2.) Buggering [livejournal.com profile] khursten / running into [livejournal.com profile] kye_kestrel on y!m.
3.) Going through around 620 entries on LJ and actually reading/bookmarking at least 20 of them.
5.) Reading 36 emails on the Yahoo! addy (most of them were LJ comments and FF.net alerts SO MANY PEOPLE FAVING ME/MY STORIES IT'S KINDA COOL?) and 18 emails on the Gmail account (most of which I deleted without actually reading too well).

Spent over six hours in transit today. Delayed flight + errands errands errands around the city. I am also running on 3 hours of sleep because Peter and I stayed up on our last night talking about random shit. I SHOULD REALLY SLEEP NOW HUH?
Off to Batanes in a few hours -- the flight's at 5:30 AM, but we have to be at the airport by 3:00 and such for custom things or whatever. I'm half-considering just staying up, but my track record with stuff like that hasn't been very good lately. @_@

Ended up not really relaxing at home, but the shopping spree I got dragged into was very productive. If I had the choice of only five stores to buy from for the rest of my life, they'd have to be Office Warehouse, National Bookstore, Columbia Sports Wear, CD-R King and Data Blitz. Columbia clothes win at life.

Can a Trusted Friend ([livejournal.com profile] kye_kestrel) please keep track of the torrents that come out for the following series for me? Just email me the links and stuff~ I'll be gone until Monday afternoon. @_@


The life of a download whore is so hard. u_u

ANYWAY. Peace out, folks. Expect a backlog of comments on LJ entries from me when I get back. ♥♥♥

[livejournal.com profile] kitsune_jade, your birthday is coming up. Please compile a list of prompts/characters/pairings/ideas that you'd like me to write as a part of your birthday gift. You have 28 drabbles, give or take a few according to a length. And sorry, no, I don't think I'll be able to do your crossovers. ^_^;


Answer this meme if you ♥♥♥ me!

Slow, slow day at the office... I spent it mooching off the bandwidth fixing the files that were dumped on me last week. Nothing new went up, but once everything is fixed, it'll be busy again. Of course, the REAL highlight was the internet connection itself down there - my torrents were fucking wild. I must've downloaded at least 20 80-350 MB files while I was there today. I wish my connection at home was that snazzy. D:

There was also that short but nice conversation I had with [livejournal.com profile] laurgasm, prompted by one of her posts on Twitter. See, apparently, this chick made it on national television for... and drumroll please:

For keeping a "paper journal". Aka, notebook. Aka, doing the remarkable thing of writing with a pen and paper in this fast-paced, modernized world.

Oh, Philippines. You have reached a whole new level of illiteracy.

That said. How's about somebody pay ME big bucks for scribbling in my notebooks? Maybe somebody should make a Pinky of me while they're at it. :D

Going back to ADMU tomorrow.

DO NOT WANT!!!111oneoneone

Okay, so maybe I'm not THAT averse to trudging back on campus, given the fact that I kinda sorta have to. I'm still missing that last recommendation letter, and this is my only real chance to submit my requirements since I'll be in Batanes from Friday until Monday. There's also that small issue of submitting my application to the ADMU English Department. *crosses her fingers* [livejournal.com profile] pyrosinferno has given me a lot of support and tips in that direction, but who knows what'll happen, right? I'll just have to hope for the best. B|

Band of the moment: 65daystofstatic. They sound like the love child of Bloc Party, Mogwai and the Mars Volta. I haven't been this into an instrumental band since... well, since a long way back.

For serious. With titles like "Welcome to the Times", "Aren't We Still Running?", "Drove Through Ghosts to Get Here" and "I Swallowed Hard, Like I Understood", how can you go wrong?

What's funny about this band is that I discovered them through rabid downloading of KHR fan soundtracks.

Not so randomly: Paolo hung around the office today.

We're living in the same house, and we'll probably end up studying on the same campus. Now, even my work place isn't safe.

Our paths have crossed far too much for comfort lately.
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( Apr. 18th, 2008 02:57 pm)
Facebook is bad luck: my Internet died on me when I tried to check it earlier, and the connection has been wonky ever since. B|

Right~ should've updated yesterday (Customary Work Post!), but I got lazy. It was a pretty slow day at the office, though... the only real interesting thing I did was go around the South Triangle area and help my little brother take pictures of landmarks. Our brother Pio wants us to take an inventory of all the good places. "Lifestyle pictures", he calls them. It's a good way of advertising to our clients.

Lunch ended up becoming a meeting for the shareholders in the company (my Dad, and the aunts and uncles working with us + Pio), so Peter and I headed down as soon as we were able. Listening to them talk about wage hikes and company funds and stuff was another reminder on how hard it is to be good in this country. Renewed my hatred for ignorant rallyists all the more too. *pif*


Pio played funky music through the day at work -- I only caught some bits and pieces of his playlist, though, since I tend to plug into my earphones when I'm doing my thing. Not too many updates went up for the actual webbie, but I DID get to upload a lot of stuff and start that online archive that I've been meaning to prepare to host the company's critical files. There will be a lot more to look at when I go back to work on Tuesday.

Hurhur. Wrist seems to be good for the most part, so I finally got off my bum and registered at the Rizon web client thing and rejoined the chatroom at #oofuri last night. ♥ I'll have to take it slow though, with the typing and the carrying. I still get these numb bouts and stuff. Makes me wonder if I should go back to the doctor and double check. Maybe get a scan or two also.

...If the wrist wasn't enough of a problem, there's this summer heat too. It's not good for the skin, or for the lips. =_= Been surviving with lip balm for nearly two months now, and it STILL dries up so easily.

Slept relatively early last night, and did Ateneo grad studies stuff in the morning. Ran into a friend on campus, chatted for a bit and generally enjoyed myself. I have to go back on Monday for the last recommendation letter; I'll be able to submit my application by then, if I'm lucky. Front desk people in the grad studies office are lousy though. >_> Srsly, there's no need to be bitchy or act so condescending, man. I mean, fuck, for all you and I know, I could be paying their damned bills by enrolling.

/off rant

Not doing much of anything at the moment... I just took a break from marathoning the first four episodes of Haibane Renmei, and now I think I'll try and get some writing done. I want to see if I can summarize all of Endtimes -- and I mean, ALL OF ENDTIMES, main story and prequels and sequels and extras and all -- over the summer. I want to make that my big project for the moment.


On other news, I am currently reading Norwegian Wood whenever I'm not on the computer. I realize that I might be a Reiko.

You can take that as you will.
This weekend ended wonderfully, and was the best possible thing a girl could ask for after having an exceptionally harrowing week.

Saturday: [livejournal.com profile] yukitsu came over although she slept in and should have been around earlier than she was but she fails at waking up so yeah 8D -- we fixed my room (sort of... at least everything's been shoved out of sight and my bookshelf is back to being pretty? o_o), bought (and ate) ice cream, and watched Macross Frontier and Appleseed. Deunan Knute goes right up there with Balsa and Balalaika on my Tough Women I Want to Have Babies With Even Though They'll Prolly Kill Me list, and THERE IS SOMETHING FUNDAMENTALLY WRONG/RIGHT WITH ALTO BEING KANDA!FACE + ABE!VOICE. D:

Today: The usual Sunday gig, 'cept Petrik's family made a guest appearance; Anika got to bully bugger Dad with her cuteness in order to get him to crack nuts for her (no, for serious: she's fascinated at how he does it), and Petrik and Yas talked to my mom about their Church wedding plans. They might have the ceremony in Taal, with the Punzalan Ancestral House as a possible venue for the reception. They left an hour or so after lunch, and everyone kinda went their separate ways... I did some more writing (mostly backlogged drabble ideas from WAY back for Endtimes) and picked up where I left off with the doujinshi downloading madness. [livejournal.com profile] hitman_reborn is a bad place to be for a fangirl like me. *coughs*

Being able to do absolutely useless things is very satisfying -- I'm listening through the music lists for my stories (and all characters/pairings/battles within) and STILL downloading KHR porn doujin, and [livejournal.com profile] yukitsu and I are also spamming each other's inboxes with FF.net alerts while we update our accounts with all the crap we've written these past few months. People who have me on Author Alert must hate me for the huge-ass fic dumps I have a tendency to do. XD

Right. Now, since third time's the charm and all, if you haven't already answered this poll for me, please answer. THE TIES MUST BE BROKEN.


EDIT 2: Posted again. It's Oofuri porn this time. ♥♥♥
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( Oct. 8th, 2007 07:31 am)
"Somewhere over the Internet, someone is laughing at you."

Do you guys believe in this statement, because I sure as hell do.



On other news, I have my PH103 exam in about 2 hours and I know I should be worried/concerned/fretting but I'm not for some reason. I kinda want to get it done with ASAP not so that I can get some huge-ass Stress Weight off my shoulders, but more because I want to go home afterward and play Persona 3 while all the brothers are out of the house. That game amuses me on one account: my main character has more of a social life than I do. XD

Now that I think about it, I'm damned lucky that this is the only thing I have to worry about. My other classes had final paper/final project submissions over exams, and their deadlines were all completed about 1-2 weeks ago. I've basically been on Vacation Mode since Thursday.

...Hence this becomes my one and only post about final exams week. To think I used to post about it so much back in the day. o_O


And just when I thought it was over, all of my favorite TV shows are bringing out their new seasons.

There's anime to watch too.



Request List of Doom is coming out. Look forward to it, friends.
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( Aug. 19th, 2007 08:56 pm)
The weekend was bloody wonderful.

The Fully Booked in Fort Boni is EVAL.

Some boys fail at life.

Torrents were left for 2 days and I suddenly have 11 anime episodes to download.

And you? Yes, you. What I do outside of the time we spend together is really none of your frakking business.


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