I have to stop forgetting to check my LJ. I mean, I always get these vague thoughts like hmm, maybe I should skim the flist! but then one thing happens and another thing and, next I know it, I'm coming back after a week to over 400 entries. ;;

So. Life bits.

SCHOOL; not taking summer class, at least not officially... my colleague who's teaching the Cultural Studies elective has allowed me to sit in on her sessions indefinitely, free of charge. [ profile] khursten is with me, and now we keep flinching at words like 'commodification' and making stupid Marxist jokes that only we can get.

TEACHING; handling one Literature 14 class, and it's been pretty good so far. Kids are quiet but receptive, although I think they might still be intimidated by me. They all get this deer-in-headlights look whenever I throw a question at them.

Also: we need to seriously work on how to read poems properly. Their first group paper was a little... yeah.

RP; Flaking in and out. I need to find my groove again without compromising all of the other things that I need to do. ._. Getting better at it now, though, but... yeah. I know that I owe [ profile] nique big time for not being around in Viva, or doing my Julia app. That's just one thing that I haven't been able to get to. orz

DRIVING; that's right, I'll be driving starting next week. Got the student permit and everything. THIS IS HOW MANY YEARS OVERDUE.

LIGHTS OUT; in a week. Motherfucker.

WORLD OF DARKNESS; returned to my game with the usual suspects, which only made me want to write fanfic for our new party AND try and resurrect my own campaigns with my own set of players. I realize I have horrible luck with tabletop campaigns, see... my DMs disappear on me, for one reason or another.

That being said: IS ANYONE INTERESTED IN being my guinea pig JOINING A SESSION? D:

WRITING; Have started reconnecting, once again, with Endtimes, and it's working out so well. I've also kicked off a possible project with Mahar, which will have gratuitous amounts of gay and angst.

OTHER HOBBIES; got a heck load of files to sort out once I can sit still long enough. Schedule's pretty brutal, so I'm oftentimes too exhausted or brain dead to really want to do anything beyond stare at my PC screen and chat with people. I have started working through the comics I have on queue, though, along with the series I've been downloading. Current obsession: The Tudors. Rife with historical inaccuracies, I know, but. The costumes.

Cross Game was fabulous as well. Now I kind of want to pick up more of the mangaka's work and check them out, based on the recommendations I got~

So, flist, what did I miss?
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( Feb. 21st, 2010 09:31 pm)


Leave a comment of what you'd like me to take a picture of on my computer, in my room, wherever. I can screenshot it or take a picture with a camera, it's all good! Have at me guys.
Had an absolutely lovely weekend. Friday was devoted to our first play test of a homebrew Persona system for World of Darkness. Mahar was the ST, and I got to play with [ profile] khursten, [ profile] gzep, [ profile] psychoshoujo, Mia's lovely little sister and a guy named Meyer.

Suffice to say, it made me totally miss tabletop and even wonder why I bothered with so much wank and shit from sticking with LJ RPs the way I did. I return from the experience enlightened, I think, and more than ready to run my own campaigns again. Or play in others.

Don't get me wrong; it's actually impossible to compare LJ RP with table top since the dynamics are very different. Still: nothing beats gaming with friends whom you know and love, and wielding an original character whom you have full authority over. Someone who you can mold. Someone who is still ultimately separate from you, and will grow in ways that are bound to surprise you.


Anyway, Saturday was the usual date with [ profile] yukitsu, [ profile] khursten and [ profile] kye_kestrel - we watched Sherlock Holmes AND OMG JUDE LAW = WATSON IS THE BEST THING SINCE INSTANT NOODLES.

Felt sick by yesterday though, although it cleared up some by evening...

...Only to come back today, which leaves me cooped up at home, sniffling like the shit. The good thing is, I won't miss TOO much since my English 12 classes are on track. Now I just need to worry about my Literature 14 class, since their midterms are coming.

But first: tags, archive and icons. Oh, and naps.

Naps are good. orz
Holy Week is always interesting, for a number of reasons.

This year was no exception.

Fic Dump!

+ Listening to fear (Lorenzo & Liandrin, for [ profile] psychoshoujo)

Final Fantasy 7
+ Born under a bad sign (Cloud, for [ profile] psychoshoujo)

+ Dear me (Mal/Inara/River, for [ profile] psychoshoujo)
+ And you honored in blood rite (Mal/Inara/River, for [ profile] psychoshoujo)

Full Metal Alchemist
+ But not without considerable regret (Hughes & Roy, for [ profile] psychoshoujo)

+ Such a natural, normal lethality (Bansai x Takasugi, for [ profile] rainy_takako)

Gundam Seed/Gundam Seed Destiny
+ What feeds me destroys me (Murrue, for [ profile] psychoshoujo)

Gundam Wing
+ One pierced moment whiter than the rest (Treize & Zechs, for [ profile] psychoshoujo)
+ Many are the dead men, too silent to be real (Quatre, for [ profile] psychoshoujo)

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e
+ An ode to your innocence (Kayashima & Nakatsu, for [ profile] psychoshoujo)

Kingdom Hearts
+ We will now take the path of courage (Mickey, for [ profile] psychoshoujo)

Persona 3 & 4
+ Lit like a burning city (Ryoji/Minato in your hotsprings; for [ profile] rainy_takako)
+ Those who loved early in vain (Mitsuru & Yukari, FES; for [ profile] psychoshoujo)
+ Some girls spit fire (Mitsuru; for [ profile] psychoshoujo)
+ Synesthesia (Souji x Yosuke, for [ profile] psychoshoujo)

Semi-frustrated that I wasn't able to write the whole weekend, but my wrist was being weird again. I guess it couldn't be avoided. orz

Will catch up once I'm sure that it's fine!

Not-so-randomly: one thing I really like about writing by request is that I feel it helps me grow. Makes me write stuff that I normally WOULDN'T write, and all.

Overall, it's never a hassle. I'm even happier when the ones who requested are happy with what I've written for them.

I've FINALLY caught up with One Piece. I can't say that I'm as impressed with it as I might have thought I'd be, but I suppose it was worth the read. I'm also making good time with Gintama, and that is always cool. |D

Now to reread Full Metal Alchemist and catch up on Kekkaishi.

Beyond the animu, I've also finally updated my icons on both relevant accounts and changed my Plurk layout to something so terribly not-worksafe, it's glorious. ♥

Little things like this make my world go 'round at the moment~

Currently in the office now, to catch up on downloads and do all of the other things that only a decent connection will allow me to do. I feel I've caught up with RP duties a little TOO quickly - I'm still waiting on a pending application, so I'm a little reluctant to start working on the apps of the other characters I've got planned. I don't have any hanging logs either (or more like, I've tagged them so I'm just waiting on the other party), so... yeah. o_o

As for things on the home front, I spent a good part of yesterday moving things out of my room. Dad has Big Plans for renovation, so I'll be living like a hobo until the construction and repainting finishes~

Oh. Now that Holy Week is over, I'm going to call PLDT and get that damned upgrade. More than a month of lol!internetz is time enough.
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( Jan. 17th, 2009 10:13 pm)
It takes a monumental effort on my part to update my LJ.

...I should be worried about that, huh?

School & Grad Studies:

Taught my classes in tip-top shape pretty much this whole week - I suppose that means that I've finally gotten my groove back after Christmas break. Advisory marks are just around the corner, though, as are midterms... combine that with the fact that I seriously have to start thinking about the topics for my grad studies papers, and you'll probably have a very busy Pammeth by the end of January. orz

On other news, my report on Ghost in the Shell was marvelous, and it was followed by a great report on Battlestar Galactica. I THINK I managed to impress my professor - I'm a little iffy about his grading standards (I don't understand how I got the standing that I did with him), but my performance last meeting must account for something.

After reading Derrida, I think I've leveled up. ALL OF A SUDDEN, EVERY OTHER CRITIC I READ IS SO CLEAR. D:

Fandom & Internet Things

Meme of the Moment: If I was a button on a keyboard, I would be the Alt Key.

Keanu Reeves as Spike Spiegel? No. Just. No.

Return on Investment seems to be getting pretty positive reviews so far. I'm... honestly a little intimidated about having people that I don't know actually stalking my writing journal and looking for updates though. orz I suppose I should just be glad that people outside of my circle are actually reading it though?

On that note: Chapter 3 is up, for the curious. Also: LOOK AT WHAT [ profile] mlina WROTE ME FOR CHRISTMAS. ♥♥♥ READ IT AND WORSHIP HER, OKAY?

Personal Stuff & Friend Things:

If someone had to make a tagline for me, I think the most appropriate would be this:

"Ordering her world one icon at a time."

... *cough*

SO ANYWAY, YEAH. I HAVE CREATED A ROUTINE FOR MYSELF. See, I'm tired of watching my backlog on the manga/anime/comics/TV/random-errand-things-that-make-me-happy side of things building, so I've decided to do a combination of any of the following each day (along with whatever work or fandom-related things that com up) to cover all bases:

+ Archive more fics (this entails reading them through for errors and stuff also)
+ Edit previous chapters or write new segments of Return on Investment / write fanfiction or things for your original stories
+ Sort out at least 10 titles from the unread comics pile
+ Watch at least 2 eps worth of stuff

G-good luck to me, right? ;A;

Also, this is relevant to Philippine yaoi enthusiasts: had a meeting with the Lights Out ladies this afternoon. Good things may come this summer.

This entry is LONG OVERDUE, but I've spent the last few days drowning in paperwork -- this was something that I did on purpose, as I wanted to make sure that I did all my teacherly stuff before the actual break. That way, I'd be free to party slack off be productive in other, less academic areas of my life throughout the Christmas season. I CAN HAPPILY COLLAPSE IN A CORNER SOMEWHERE NOW THAT EVERYTHING IS DONE! \o/

Srsly, though, this Responsible Adult thing? Sometimes I want to kick myself in the head for it. I might work myself straight to the coffin at this rate. Somebody needs to tell me when to slow down. *fail*

[ profile] kye_kestrel had her birthday celebration last Saturday over at Powerplant; [ profile] anothermiyaw hitched a ride with me from Katipunan, after my Texts and Textuality Class. Traffic was bad, so we kinda ended up shooting the breeze for the good hour that we spent swimming through a sea of cars. Met up with the boss and [ profile] yukitsu once we got there: everyone else - [ profile] khrusten, [ profile] 77ws, [ profile] ficcentricity and [ profile] lonelybusiness who is fail because she thought we were meeting up in Glorietta - arrived later. Cue dinner shenanigans. Cue crazy gifts. KRISTEL, UNDERSTAND THE CHAOS YOU BROUGHT DOWN UPON ALL OF US WITH THOSE GIFTS. B|

Spent the next few days after that Drowning in Papers whenever I was home and doing school shenanigans whenever I was in Ateneo. Finally managed to finish up everything sometime last night, and today was light and easy. Had my first Christmas party with the English Department. That was pretty much an awesome way to kick off my break. ♥

Goals That Will Probably Not Be Met For Christmas Break 2008:
* Work on my pitch to Image Comics. I'm planning on pitching Endtimes. *crosses fingers*
* Catch up with my backlogged anime, manga, movies and TV series. The list keeps growing, whut.
* Catch up with all the books I've bought but haven't even really cracked open.
* Sort all those images. I HAD A GOOD START.
* Fix my game plan for the rest of the semester with my kids.
* Write more Return on Investment after I've finished all my Christmas gift fics.

Now that I've mentioned it, I should be posting some of the gift fics that I managed to finish before work came rolling in. In the meantime, I'm pimping out the fics that I wrote for [ profile] kye_kestrel - I did my usual ## number of drabbles = to celebrant's age thing for her~

+ PERSONA 3: Ryoji/Minato, Shinji/Aki, Junpei/Aki & XXXHOLiC: Doumeki & Watanuki (click here!)
+ D.GRAYMAN: OT3, Cross, Rabi/Kanda & DARKER THAN BLACK: Gen Fics (click here!)
+ KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN!: 1827, 5927, Spa27/Spa51 & OOKIKU FURIKABUTTE: IzuMizu, AbeMiha (click here!)
+ KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN!: Shouichi Crack, 6927, 8059, 801859 (click here!)

My thirteenth month pay thingie came in last week, and Mom just put it on time deposit - this means a huge rate of return in terms of interest every month. This suddenly makes some plans that I had for 2009 very feasible, so I've decided to go for a major Poverty Plan to make sure that I achieve them at the projected dates.

Here's hoping that I make it.

Crazy older brother's birthday went well -- it was good to see my cousins (and their respective significant others, [ profile] girl_blunder and [ profile] batongbituin and all, even if I was lagging majorly from all the physical stress I've accumulated over the past three weeks. Anika was adorable, and now I seriously want to try playing Betrayal at the House on a Hill when I'm less brain dead. I wonder if I can get my colleagues at the dept into it.

Spent Sunday vegging out -- Pio's home for the next few days since Mai's at a conference, so most of my afternoon involved Peter killing people in Assassin's Creed and me plurking while Pio read through the latest volume of Fables.

I'm sure everyone's heard about the suicide in Dela Costa Hall, so I won't go into that out of respect for the family. Ran around doing administrative things. Met up with [ profile] miyachan and [ profile] darthlaurian that day and basically shot the breeze. On that note, I've started the load revision rounds for Gothic Lit... I've decided that I really ought to drop the class. It saddens me and all, but my health's at stake.

Today's been productive: I finished my lesson plans, and I've managed to encode a lot of things relevant to the classes I teach and check a lot of the stuff they've submitted to me. I'll probably take a quick break to catch up on some anime since my eyes are tired. @_@

Has Plurk changed the way I write LJ entries? You tell me.

By the way, guys: you need to remind me what comic series you want me to upload. I'll get it to it ASAP. And I still owe you guys a music post. ♥

Looking forward to Friday. With two library orientations and the prospect of finally watching Wanted with close friends, things are looking up.
[Poll #1190933]

I was inspired to do this by [ profile] lonelybusiness and [ profile] kye_kestrel, and by the fact that I actually haven't uploaded music for a long time. If you guys have other suggestions that don't fit into the ticky-boxes up there, or if you have specific fanmix requests, just comment with them. :o

Didn't bother writing up an entry yesterday because I was busy fixing Alistair v2.0 up... I am happy to report that he is fully functional, and all my programs are up and running. Downloads are up to speed too. Subjected the PC to my usual Test of Time by leaving him on the whole night, and when I woke up to check his tempterature, the case was still as cool as ice. :D

After Alistair!PC was properly souped up, I broke my brain over fixed Aidan!Laptop up -- he's been in dire need of repartitioning, since Windows XP eats up a crapload of space and 10 GB just isn't enough for the main drive anymore. That kept me up pretty late the other night (had to transfer files, and there was some confusion with the partitioning program), BUT OTHERWISE, I AM TRIUMPHANT. Now I don't need to drag Maes!ExternalHD over to the office in order to do downloads there~

With both of those out of the way, I'll have to turn my attentions to Kaien!PC (formerly Alistair v1.0) and fix him up, as I had promised my Dad. That's not a problem at all, though: Ubuntu is SO much easier to fix than Windows, and my Dad doesn't want any specific program on the thing just yet.

Woke up late in the morning (TECHNOLOGY, THIS IS WHAT YOU DO TO ME), so I pretty much had to eat breakfast and hop right into the car in order to go to Medical City with my Mom -- the endocrinologist we were referred to is finally back in the country, so it's high time that we checked with her regarding The Thyroid Drama.

Hospital talk and randomness relevant to that. )

The rest of the day. )

I've got an early morning appointment at the skin clinic to do the usual upper lip hair-zapping ritual -- Mom won't be with me this time, though, since she and Dad are heading over to Batangas tomorrow. I'll be going to the office afterward in order to make up for the day I missed.

[ profile] yukitsu, THANK YOU FOR RENEWING MY PAID ACCOUNT, BUT NOW I HAVE FIVE EXTRA ICON SLOTS AND I DON'T REALLY KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH THEM YET. D8 Or maybe I do, but that entails fixing my folders. Again.

This post was supposed to have my shot at the Text-based Paranoia Meme attached to it, but I think I've written enough for the night. Somebody remind me to continue uploading my backlogged drabbles to [ profile] stitchedophelia and to my account tomorrow. @_@


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