That member of a woman's group put it so well.

Keep your rosaries out of our ovaries.
Our PLDT DSL line appears to have completely killed itself - it just died overnight a few days back, and hasn't come on again. I tried calling them up, and they said they'd get back to me and file a report.

They haven't gotten back to me, and I doubt that they ever filed anything.

Philippine Internet: Made of Fail.

Currently running on smartBRO - I've been meaning to get a prepaid dongle thing for myself for quite some time now, so I guess this is all right.

If there is one good thing, though, about not having a fast and stable connection that I can keep on for ages, it's that I can let my brain idle more. For one, I usually hit the PC right after I roll out of bed and check things/tag around THEN end up rushing to get ready to go. Now I wake up, roll around, eat a proper brunch and prepare my things at my leisure, since I get lazy at the thought of setting up my laptop just to connect.

Speaking of brain idling: I'm not sure if it's a sign of age or exhaustion. I was totally internetless on Friday night, which left me with so many options on what to do. I ended up doing nothing but flop around in bed. It was oddly nice. o_o

Maybe I should take that as a sign and start shaving away at the the things I think I need to do or think about but actually don't.

Last full month of the semester has arrived, and not too much has changed. Students are a little less annoying, although I'm still having some trouble with the usuals. I'll write a longer entry on them sometime soonish, or maybe tell whoever wants to hear about it.

I was supposed to review the entire set of Philippine Speculative Fiction novels for the POC Review, but the project ended up falling through.

...sob, all of my effort. I suppose I can use it for something else...

Grad studies class is picking up again, since we haven't been able to meet each other nearly as much as we're supposed to. Got a report on Paradise Lost, which isn't really coincidental - my professor knows that I used the epic poem for my undergrad thesis. I've brought home the book I used as my primary source, and will be rifling through my notecards before I read through the whole thing to see if there's anything that I can use.

On that note, I've been meaning to go over my undergrad thesis and see if I can revise it and make it conference-paper or journal-worthy. Might as well: it'd actually be a waste to let all of that research gather dust.

I occasionally get worried that I might be going too slow with my scholarly shenanigans.

Then I remember that I intend to do this my whole life anyway, along with whatever else I can manage to get done. Should stop belittling my own achievements too - that's always good for one's self-esteem.

Why society is so obsessed with people hitting "success" at a young age is beyond me. Sure, some of us don't have a choice, but let's admit it - most of us do, and just pretend that we don't. Seriously, guys: if you end up killing yourself in pursuit of your goals, there doesn't seem to be a point to it.

This weekend was pretty nice, since I got to watch some sophomore Asian History sections duke it out in Bel Field via Kibasen, and I got to roll around with [ profile] khursten even if she turned me into her slave labor at her office. Sunday was fun, too - went to the Esteban household for my cousin Jonat's birthday, and it's been a while since I've spoken to him and his siblings.

I now kind of want to invest in an iTouch or something like it, though. MUST RESIST AND SAVE UP FOR SPEAKERS/MONITOR/EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE/WINDOWS 7. ;A;

RP eats up a crap load of my time, yes, and is sometimes more stressful than it is worth. I've met a lot of people through it, though, and nothing beats being able to log with and plot with people who truly matter to me. Plus, I've got to admit it: I RP for the game, not for the company. Anything can be done if it means pushing the game forward.

Still, I should strike a balance between the roleplay and my writing. I haven't been writing all that much these days.

...Which might actually be less of a problem created by RP, and more because of RL. This year was even crazier than last year, now that I think about it. I'm often too tired or washed out to do anything with myself at the end of each day.

Interestingly enough, though, I have started on several short stories. I didn't used to do short stories, as some of you know. Let's just see how things turn out. o3o

Livejournal staff people have to stop breaking things that work just fine.

Note to self: check your flist more often.
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( Jun. 13th, 2010 08:59 pm)

BIRTHDAY; ate dinner with ze family - introduced them to Nihonbashitei, where much money was spent but great food was eaten!

On the weekend, I invited [ profile] khursten, [ profile] yukitsu and [ profile] kye_kestrel over to my house for some quiet times! We rolled around a bit, and then I made the glorious mistake of introducing them to Heavy Rain.

Suffice to say, we did not really sleep.

OH YEAH I got lovely presents from like, everyone. Plurk was awesome that day too. ♥

SC LUNCH; ate with Yukeh, Lynffles, Nami and FM. Stalker pictures were taken for Celi (as requested, I believe), and good crepes were had!

No, I did not have motor oil stop calling me a machine, guys. >_>

DRIVING; Manila roads are, indeed, batshit.

Someday, I will get used to it.

SMOKING; I quit. 8D

SCHOOL; orientations, orientations, orientations, meeting new faculty people, grabbing my schedule. I've registered to a single class for my grad studies as well, although I was hoping to put in more units. We're terribly short on able professors, though, so lol, tutorial for me again.

Tried a different approach with my syllabus this time, namely doing a day-by-day breakdown, changing my reading list around and constructing modules that I've felt are necessary if I want to mint out the kind of students my university claims to have. Here's hoping everything goes well.

CONFERENCE; THIS IS CRAZY dg;lhsdghahdg BUT THINGS ARE BEING ARRANGED. I am not making much headway in hacking down my huge-ass paper to something short, beautiful and publication-worthy though.

Conference is on the 29th, so I'll be flying out by the 27th and in Los Angeles from then until July 3. Relatives are all raring to see me, and I am aiming to see some friends there as well.

RANDOM THINGS; I CLEANED MY ROOM. Sort of. I'm... still not done, actually.

I also keep telling myself that I have to finish my fic archive and never get around to doing it. Wrote some new things too, but I can't post them until I finish my archive because I am OCD that way.

I also kind of really want to fix my files and my icons because I sorta said I'd do those as well before summer ended...

Anyway uh, that's it.

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( Jun. 2nd, 2010 01:47 pm)
For those of you who didn't know, I just spent the last four days in Coron, Palawan.

Took lots of pics and wrote a lot, so I'll be splitting the entries up to save everyone's browsers. orz

May 29 to June 1. )

Part Two is over here!
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( Nov. 15th, 2009 09:16 pm)

30275 / 50000 words. 61% done!

Official report with excerpt is here. Click if you love Shamal and his DOM tendencies.

I had this long-ass, thought out entry on how this week has been, but since my internet connection died for most of the day, you're all going to have to settle for pseudo-bullet points and weird rambling! \o/

MONDAY: NEW SCHEDULE SORTA on the driver's (my little brother) end, since he's got earlier classes. Cue me bouncing around like a madwoman, bugging [ profile] khursten and other unfortunates until it was time to go back to my classes. Received the equivalent of a standing ovation from one class and hurrahs all around from the other two. Suchacute, freshmen. X3

Flailing over Poetry and English 12. That is all.

TUESDAY: I think this is where I started romping about, catching up on RP things and generating tags for me to occupy myself. I don't actually remember anymore. o_o

WEDNESDAY: TRUFAX LONGEST DAY saldkgh;kshdgh had a lunch meeting, did school things, did classes, flailed a lot, dragged feet over to an interesting faculty meeting, then zipped off to a reunion with my high school classmates.

A reunion's a reunion. Nuff said.

THURSDAY: ...More tagging. Also getting pissed off because the graduate studies class I fought for dissolved and everyone thought that it'd be a Smrt Idea to tell no one until the day itself. Am yet to find out if I'll end up having a class at all this semester.

If I don't, though, then I'll take it as a sign and maximize my break.

FRIDAY: FREEDOM. And tagging. Yes, there is a pattern. OH AND I HAVE A NEW KITTEN WHO IS WHITE AND STUPID AND SPUNKY and I have named him Gintoki.

Truly, I am Takasugi now. :D

SATURDAY: WE PLANNED ON WATCHING ASTRO BOY ONLY TO DISCOVER THAT IT'S NO LONGER SHOWING IN GLORIETTA OR GREENBELT. So me, [ profile] kye_kestrel and [ profile] khursten ended up dragging [ profile] yukitsu around lady stores because she made the mistake of mentioning that she needed a dress.

We have pictures. 8)


SUNDAY: Yeah, that'd be today. Posting much later than originally planned because wtaf, my connection went down for all of Saturday evening and most of today! I popped in briefly at Kourtyard to fap at do some logs with the usual suspects and make sure my karma doesn't hit rock bottom poke around with more of the same!

Been loading up on Poetry in my spare time, but I'm honestly, honestly lazy. Here's hoping I'll truly be in teacher mode soon. orz

EDIT: And before I could post this, the net died again. FML.
Read this thing.

It's very important.


According to Blog Ni Ella, these goods have not been distributed to the typhoon survivors. WHY?

Ella wrote on her (now blocked) blog: (her blog was and it is now blocked)

Aanhin pa ang damo kung patay na ang kabayo? (A special report from a volunteer)

Oct 21st, 2009 by ella

Dear friends,

I’m asking your help to spread the word. Tulungan po ninyo akong ikalat ito. Beyond this, we should also demand action. I disabled a plugin so you can copy the photos of relief goods rotting in DSWD warehouses. You can link this post to your blogs, facebook, websites etc. You can also email the photos.

Philippine News (US based Philippine newspaper) will use this as its front page story this week. Every Filipino has the right to know where the tons of donations from the UN and other counties go. Kahit po nakakahiya sa mga nag-donate. Kung sa ganitong paraan, matutulungan natin ang mga nasalanta, then by all means, let’s do it.

For those who have the time, please try to volunteer sa DSWD warehouses. Getting in was not easy. A friend had to put in a word for us. Let’s see kung madali nang makapasok sa DSWD warehouse ang mga volunteers.

Please read on and good luck to us.


(This post was last edited Oct 22, 12:30 pm)

Kahapon, tinanong ng Philippine News si DSWD Secretary Esperanza Cabral:

Editor of Philippine News: Why are the relief goods in DSWD warehouses not moving?

DSWD Secretary Esperanza Cabral: Wala kasing volunteers.

This short interview was done over the phone. Philippine News wanted to hear her side pero ayaw niyang makipag-usap sa press. After four tries, pinasabi na lang niya ang maikling sagot na ito sa secretary niya - “Walang volunteers”.

I don’t want to accuse her of corruption but at the very least she is showing signs of being totally incompetent. We are in a state of calamity where every second counts. May namamatay araw-araw dahil sa sakit.

In my opinion, these deaths could have been prevented if Secretary Cabral had tried a little harder to do her job.

Long story short:

Some asshole thinks it's a smart idea to hoard all the stuff people GAVE for people IN NEED, and they're trying to pin the blame on US.

I've a full screencap of the original blog, with pictures and evidence. Check the cut.


Information's lifted from this blog, at least until it's blocked or something. Read it.

Here's looking at you, Philippine government.

Block me, and mark my words:

If this is true, then there will be many, MANY others posting this in my stead.
Right, so. Yesterday was the first regular school day after the shitstorm that was Ondoy.

The atmosphere was rather... well. It wasn't great, but it wasn't entirely terrible. Still, it's rather haunting, going around and hearing people talk about nothing else but what happened, or occasionally spotting someone crying on someone else's shoulder. My students, for the most part, are okay - we talked long and much about exactly how the tragedy could have reached critical mass the way it did, along with a more regular concern: grades.

I've just spent most of my day checking all of their remaining requirements and computing for their class standing - it doesn't look like I'll be failing anyone this semester, and overall, everyone did stellar in my classes. Tomorrow will involve some negotiations on the parts of a few of my students, and I'll probably let them have their desired grade bumps if they can argue with me well enough.

On the grad studies end of things, I've still got a paper to write. Felt shitty over the past few weeks, so I really haven't been able to do it. Thankfully, I returned to my calm and happy place by rolling around and fixing all (yes, all) of my backlogged files and changing my icon sets, so I think I'm recharged enough to give it a shot. Tonight, perhaps.

Now let's talk internet things.

First off: HI AND HELLO TO THE NEW FOLKS THAT [ profile] jusrecht INTRODUCED ME TO! ♥

Aaaand pimp outs.

NEW POST UP ON ORZISMS: Contextualizing Manga the Right Way (And Then Some)

Fic pimps from [ profile] stitchedophelia:

The World Ends With You: Life is Inevitable and Death Goes On (requested by [ profile] mienaihoshi ♥)
Suikoden Tierkreis: Stone Shadows
The World Ends With You: Every day is the end of the world (requested by [ profile] yukitsu ♥)
The Skytides RPG [[ profile] theskytides]: Now this day too enters history (requested by [ profile] yukitsu ♥)
Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Death is another country (requested by [ profile] botling ♥)
KHR: Fiore di Nuvola. All the words... (requested by [ profile] botling; you might want to read my minibang beLIEve if you want to tackle this one ♥)
Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Come up through the summer rain (requested by [ profile] botling ♥)
Devil Summoner: Solemn talk of distant rain (requested by [ profile] botling ♥)
Katekyo Hitman Reborn: O little sparrows, mind your place! (requested by [ profile] jusrecht ♥)
The World Ends With You: They only let him go wrong out of kindness, I suppose

Snippets and drabbles for my original projects, all requested by [ profile] yukitsu:

Bloodsport: I wrote on a wall, "I've gone ahead"
Bloodsport: You have outgrown your first kimono
Bloodsport: An old friend you just met
Endtimes: There are no strangers under cherry blossoms

I've actually finished a host of other prompts from the ones people requested from me sometime back, but I won't be posting them up just yet.

...Right, back to work.
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( Oct. 3rd, 2009 10:21 am)

It's been a really crazy week for me. Stuff's been worked out as of yesterday, though!

Tried to keep up with entries and failed. Is there anything that you wanted me to read and comment on, flist? orz

Also, for the folks on my end of the globe: Pepeng's just around the corner, and I am incredibly worried about a good lot of you. Thankfully, [ profile] starkissed posted up some important numbers on her LJ... I'm putting them here, in case any of you might need them.

Meralco Hotline: 09175592824, and 09209292824.

National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) Emergency Numbers: 911-1873, 912-5296, 912-5668, 911-1406, 912-2665 and, 911-5061.

Help hotlines: 734-2118, and 734-2120.

Red Cross: 143.

I am also opening my house up to anyone of my friends who happens to get stranded. Text me, all right?

For people on the international front who wish to help: I know that groups like the Philippine Red Cross Division have set up accounts for donations and such. There are others, but I seem to have misplaced the links. Will come up with a more definitive list in the near future.

I'll post again when things have settled down.


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