This is so overdue, it ain't funny.

+ I managed to submit my paper as planned! I also finished my teacherly work, although it took a lot longer than it should have. Lol, vacation mode. Good job, brain.
+ I may have discovered something that could land me a research scholarship thing in Japan.
+ This semester ended with a bang and lovely family things.
+ Slept over at the Cheng Chua pad since Khursten is house sitting.
+ RP is starting to lose its flavor.
+ Fandom never gives me pretty things. :|
+ NaNoWriMo is coming up. I need to get my ass in gear and start warming up with ficcage. Undecided on what project to do, though.

And the long versions! )

The cat has greatly missed me, it seems, and it is also time for dinner.
That member of a woman's group put it so well.

Keep your rosaries out of our ovaries.
Middlesex University shuts down Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy.

Middlesex University decided on late Monday, April 26, to close all its Philosophy programs and to shut down its Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy.

This is a department with high standing in its discipline and a proven track record of important contributions in its field...


...Shockingly however, in a meeting with Philosophy staff, the Dean said that despite its excellent research reputation, the Philosophy Department had made no "measurable" contribution to the University.

To make a long story short:

They're shutting down a department - a center for knowledge production - just because it's not as profitable or marketable in the so-called "real world".

Read the contents of the original link here.

This isn't just happening in one university or one country - it's the sort of predominant ideology that's been plaguing institutions of higher education all over the world.

If you have any sense in you, I'd think you'd want to sign that petition, folks.

18442 / 50000 words. 37% done!

Solved the dilemma that I got myself into, but still too slow on the writing front for my tastes. It helps, though, not writing linearly!

I'll be posting my status reports over at [ profile] stitchedophelia for the interested. The first one is over here, with an excerpt featuring I-pin.

Pimping this meme entry again, because I like to TL;DR!

Anyway uh so what happened to me and why did I end up wasting so much time in ADMU over registration. Basically. they changed their policies when it comes to filing for tuition discounts, making it ten times more hassling than it used to be with extra signatures and photocopies and all... we weren't informed either (at least I wasn't, and I don't remember any announcement going up at the department), so I only found out about it after lining up several times over.

If that wasn't enough, there's the fact that after going through all the hassle, I was told that my class got "dissolved" - or more like, it's closed to outsiders, since it was meant to be a special tutorial for some of the other MA students in the department. It was just listed as an "official" class by accident.

So I go on campus the next day, and attempt to re-enlist for another class. Stupid AISIS doesn't allow me to. Twice over.

Yeah, it was a glorious fucking screw-up, I tell you.

I do firmly believe that the registrar over at my university should go through the process that they've made, just to see how inefficient and hassling it is firsthand. Maybe it'll kick them into coming up with something better.

On happier news, I got to go out with the Faura smoket group and celebrate [ profile] hamster_friend's birthday in their very excellent company. Trust in Ateneans to balance out stupid inuman shit with highfalutin personal philosophies and ghost stories.

(Note: must invite group to house. Parents get finnicky about people whom they have not met in person yet.)

My parents celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary the next day, which was nice and intimate. Anika was trufax adorable, and Mimi (Pio's first daughter, and my goddaughter! *A*) made a guest appearance!

Was tired as heck by the time I got home (haven't slept all that early since Singapore), but ended up staying around until 2 AM, bugging [ profile] khursten and writing with my Dying Will. Just stopped writing to make this entry.

School's starting up again tomorrow. I feel a little more prepared to teach the subjects they've assigned me to teach this semester: now it's just a matter of preparing my syllabi and leaping into the water.
Read this thing.

It's very important.


According to Blog Ni Ella, these goods have not been distributed to the typhoon survivors. WHY?

Ella wrote on her (now blocked) blog: (her blog was and it is now blocked)

Aanhin pa ang damo kung patay na ang kabayo? (A special report from a volunteer)

Oct 21st, 2009 by ella

Dear friends,

I’m asking your help to spread the word. Tulungan po ninyo akong ikalat ito. Beyond this, we should also demand action. I disabled a plugin so you can copy the photos of relief goods rotting in DSWD warehouses. You can link this post to your blogs, facebook, websites etc. You can also email the photos.

Philippine News (US based Philippine newspaper) will use this as its front page story this week. Every Filipino has the right to know where the tons of donations from the UN and other counties go. Kahit po nakakahiya sa mga nag-donate. Kung sa ganitong paraan, matutulungan natin ang mga nasalanta, then by all means, let’s do it.

For those who have the time, please try to volunteer sa DSWD warehouses. Getting in was not easy. A friend had to put in a word for us. Let’s see kung madali nang makapasok sa DSWD warehouse ang mga volunteers.

Please read on and good luck to us.


(This post was last edited Oct 22, 12:30 pm)

Kahapon, tinanong ng Philippine News si DSWD Secretary Esperanza Cabral:

Editor of Philippine News: Why are the relief goods in DSWD warehouses not moving?

DSWD Secretary Esperanza Cabral: Wala kasing volunteers.

This short interview was done over the phone. Philippine News wanted to hear her side pero ayaw niyang makipag-usap sa press. After four tries, pinasabi na lang niya ang maikling sagot na ito sa secretary niya - “Walang volunteers”.

I don’t want to accuse her of corruption but at the very least she is showing signs of being totally incompetent. We are in a state of calamity where every second counts. May namamatay araw-araw dahil sa sakit.

In my opinion, these deaths could have been prevented if Secretary Cabral had tried a little harder to do her job.

Long story short:

Some asshole thinks it's a smart idea to hoard all the stuff people GAVE for people IN NEED, and they're trying to pin the blame on US.

I've a full screencap of the original blog, with pictures and evidence. Check the cut.


Information's lifted from this blog, at least until it's blocked or something. Read it.

Here's looking at you, Philippine government.

Block me, and mark my words:

If this is true, then there will be many, MANY others posting this in my stead.
Well, I've learned one thing this week:

Attempting to write a little every day, while plausible, does not exactly deliver results. ~_~

On another note, Sango burgers and portabello mushroom spread are on their own unique, unparalleled levels of amazing. I have [ profile] kye_kestrel to thank for suggesting that she, [ profile] yukitsu and I go out to Rockwell yesterday, since I didn't have class. [ profile] khursten followed us later, which was really cool as well. I realize that I truly live for weekends like this one.

Orzisms post: on Katekyo Hitman Reborn, the one ex-boyfriend who wasn't an asshole

This link has done the rounds on part of the interwebs already, since [ profile] jusrecht was kind enough to take time out to read it and even went so far as to linking it on her flist. It's basically my look at the series as it is now, and why I appear to be falling out of it.

Still ficcing, though, if only to finish Return on Investment and my new pet project, Fiore di Nuvola (refer to minibang!). Flaws aside, I've always been attracted to KHR because of its potential, and writing this perceived potential out in my own way, through fanfic, is always the best way to express that.

On more blog-related news: I set Thursday aside to fuss over the thing, so I have posts scheduled to go up every week from here until October. Will pimp the links out on this journal, whenever I happen to remember to do so.

Finished Suikoden Tierkreis: I blame that on [ profile] dreamlessness, who started the game sometime after me but finished first, thus kicking me into action out of guilt.

Yes [ profile] factorielle, I will attempt to write BUT I CANNOT GUARANTEE QUALITY. /sob

Now starting on The World Ends With You, like the slowpoke I am. Terrible game, I tell you - brings out all the obsessive-compulsive tendencies in a player like myself.

Contemplating another friends' cut. With the exception of the people that I meet regularly or poke a lot online, I find that the internet's becoming rather toxic for me again.
Dear RP!S,

Thank you for making my day. I feel famous and loved now.


izkariote: (such so gay.)
( May. 25th, 2009 06:41 pm)
Not so long ago, my younger brother and I had an interesting conversation.

See, I was telling him about a friend of mine who's been going through some rough times due to a break-up with her boyfriend. Apparently, the guy's been whining and backtalking and generally ruining her to some of their common contacts and, I think, to complete strangers as well.

I asked my brother whether this is something that all guys do. He told me that apparently, at least in his age group, only gamer boyfriends do it. To quote, in his terms:

"I dunno why, but they're the only ones insecure enough to do it. Guys who aren't geeks will gripe and get angry but they're confident enough in themselves to not blame someone else."

Interesting, too, because I thought about it, and hey, the pattern fits.

Just so you know, asshole, yes, I'm talking about you.

Can you get any more gay?

I was almost inclined to like you. I thought that maybe, you could grow up and change.

Sucks to find out that I guess you weren't capable of it.

I make it a habit not to step in like this for friends because I respect them unlike you, but this was the last straw.


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