Not a bad schedule at all, if I do say so myself. It leaves time for studying, plotting crack writing, working out/swimming, singing lessons with my Dad and driving lessons on the automatic cars at home.

It was positively thrilling to see [ profile] panda_patuti, [ profile] udon_in_osaka, [ profile] gitarangmakulay, Carlito, Drea and Yukeh again... we had fun talking crack, celebrating porn, reminiscing on old times and snarking at syntax and horrendous grammar. Got to meet [ profile] osmalic about Lights Out trade matters (I loved the shirt! *_*), and had random run-ins with [ profile] pyrosinferno and [ profile] soggy_biscuit, with the latter suffering through the worst of registration woes with me. I also got to update myself on the happenings of the old block, which is always a good thing.

Parents are glad to see me excited for the new semester, and I'm glad to see me happy too. I've got a lot of things planned -- we'll just have to see how it all works out.

Really, though. I still think the Theology Department should go up in flames. o_o

EDIT: Okay. The English Department fails also.
Five classes on MWF.

One class on TTh.

There's no more need for words.

On a lighter note, I got the best professors I could possibly ask for. For the grades and the learning, a schedule tends to fall to shit.
Q: What Did Kae Do Over the Weekend?
Anika's first birthday on Saturday; she looked like a fairy. *_* So I played Final Fantasy 12 to completely suck her brain dry following a mild freak-out session on Friday afternoon. One of the latest maps took an hour to traverse and there was a Spirit Salamander waiting by the end of it to deal nearly three times my HP in damage to each of my characters. [ profile] yukitsu (following her Toad Horror Picture Show) and [ profile] khursten (following her Hell Saturday Stretch) were both around to watch me run away screaming.

There was this kid there in the play room with us who actually had the gall to ask if he could play my game. When I declined, he spent the rest of the time walking around and sighing REALLY loudly. Can we say 'brat', folks? Or maybe I'm just horrible with children.

Slept at 1 AM following the sudden urge to continue arranging all my LJ icons (still not finished) and RPing with Yukeh. Nonexistent Irish UST, anyone?

The half of today following Sunday morning Mass and lunch with the family was spent with Final Fantasy 12 again. This time it was four hours walking around a tomb trying to figure out how to kill this monster that you only have three minutes to destroy before it squishes you against the wall. Turns out defeating it had a bit to do with proper character construction and a lot to do with luck during the Quickening Combos. The reward for it was good though. And now I'm even more over-levelled than I was on Saturday. With better equipment too. And more spells. And Techniks whose updates I completely forgot to purchase until after the Demon Wall Fiasco. And a summon creature.

*phew* One last hurrah for the first semester, kids. Got an exam every day and the final revision for my thesis project proposal waiting for me by the end of it. Still haven't touched Focault for Political Science either. Tomorrow's Philosophy and I intend to devote a small slice of tonight to staring at my handouts.

I am so scr00d.
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( Oct. 2nd, 2006 08:34 pm)
At this moment I feel like I bird that's hit a window at 212mph. This is what the thought of having only two more weeks to go before finals and the inevitable end of the first semester. Many things to do, many more things willingly forgotten. Then there's people and yourself and more people and then more of yourself. But let's stop the existential angst now. o_o

Storm blows in. Power goes down all over Luzon. Trees (and the occasional cat) fly, dogs freak out, everyone goes "YAY APOCALYPSE!" and Luzon's offline. Some areas are still recovering. I'm cool on my end. Got to test out pirated PS2 games and watch my niece crawl all over the floor with my older brother following her, looking dorky rather than cute.

Smoked two cigs in four days and felt the withdrawal this morning. Go, me. Did I mention that I cut Pol Sci? I do solemnly swear to be a good student for the remaining days though. ...No, really. Watch me get my readings in the library tomorrow morning.

And all of this was posted for no particular reason other than the need to download mp3s on the main PC because lappie speed just doesn't cut it.

Small segway: good fight, team. It was a nice go. And thanks to those who helped me along in the day, boy bonking on laptops aside. You know who you are. And I love you muchly.
Everything else just sort of hangs in between at the moment, although I do have some pretty important deadlines to contend with at the end of the week. But the real reason why I posted is because I'm happy to see LJ finally work on AlistairPC. There was a long while where I had to comment on my own LJ in order to log in here. @_@

A great weekend and an overall productive Sunday is how I define things for myself at the moment. I think this month has been the best example of karma at work for me in a while, given how a very fulfilling week made up for the two crappy ones that preceeded it. o_o

FF7: Dirge of Cerberus calls to bought, in spite of what I've heard about it from [ profile] kye_kestrel and [ profile] miguel_zeruel. I suppose I'll be in it for the pretty if I do get it. o_o ...One game I've really got my sights on is FF12, though. The English version will be out in October, right alongside the D.Grayman anime.

On writers' news, Bloodsport chapter 3 should be done well before the end of the week, if I manage to get enough writing done. I should also be working on my entry to the spec fic anthology, but inspiration for that end has consistently eluded me these days.

*blinks at the screen*

Uh. Just to wrap things up, would anyone have any good anime titles to recommend, or any sources to lend me regaring narratology, semiotics and/or the graphic novel as a medium? o.o
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( Aug. 24th, 2006 09:51 pm)
...And the main reason why I'm writing here is because one of the CD-Rs I was using caused the whole system on my main PC to hang because it was defective. *waiting for that restart*

Hur. What to say of the past two weeks. Beyond thesis woes, deadlines galore (HALLER HELL WEEKSERS!), st00pid classmates, vindictive Theology professors and an overall lack of drive to do, there are also anime marathons, Gudang Garams and crepes, crepes, crepes.

Ah. There are also attempts at writing too. Some were fruitful. Others weren't. Still others never began.

[/philosophical moment]

So now tomorrow I do my Political Science midterms with my groupmates, and poketh [ profile] yukitsu again when she stumbles on campus. Aidan is also going PHOOEY! at me because I'll be slave-driving him tonight until I decide to go to sleep.

PC restarted and fully functional. I'm Gone.

edit: When Yahoo!Mail decides to fuck up on my PC, Livejournal suddenly decides to work. *twirlses*
"D: D: D: !!!"

...That about sums up how school's been on my end.


Anyway. Ignore the incoherence and clickey on the link below. The plot bunnies have finally been generous.

Love is Just a Bloodsport.

There's more in the works. Much <3 to [ profile] yukitsu for seeing my Muse through her internal struggles with these chapters, and [ profile] archangel_dream for Being So Cute While Being Victimized.

On other news. Jiji!PC is down for the count. God Bless My VoidBoy!Laptop.
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( Jul. 17th, 2006 12:00 am)
About a minute past midnight and still awake. Have been grasping at what I could possibly write here but the possibilities are few and far between. Most of the stuff's best talked about in person, if asked and called for.

I'm nearly sixty notecards up and in need of refreshing the borrow dates on the books at the library. Wake up call for that is in six hours because I have no other way to get to Ateneo in time for my Pol Sci class beyond going with Peter.

As for life updates, things have been swell. Stormy weekdays, movie weekend, and readings, readings, readings galore.

Okay. Wasted enough of your life with this. Steady as we go.


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