To kick things off, have a conversation I took from plurk:

[ profile] izkariote: HARK.
[ profile] izkariote: TIS MY BRAIN IN A BOWL.
[ profile] izkariote: BEHOLD.
[ profile] izkariote: IT IS MUSHY.
[ profile] factorielle: ...You worry me.

--Because that pretty much sums up how last week was for me. Spent most of my time ficcing and attending to some faculty things, but mostly ficcing because March is the month of GAR and fic-dumping, since several of my good friends celebrate their birthdays this time around and like hell I'm going to let them go without getting a gift from me, even if it's fail.

This also means that I ought to kick myself into shape again and pound out the long overdue fics that I owe other people who celebrated their birthdays while I was busy. I'll be free very soon, so it shouldn't be a problem.

ANYWAY SO. This weekend was pretty insane~ [ profile] khursten, [ profile] yukitsu and I met with Tricia, who is this uber cool Pinay doing research on the local yaoi community for her scholarship grant in Osaka. It was a night of Lights Out Talk and wonderful conversation AND OMFG D18 DOUJIN BECAUSE SHE IS AWESOME AND MANAGED TO SECURE THREE BEAUTIFUL TITLES FOR ME ASDLKGHK;AHSDGH;ASHDKLGH;LAHSDLKH;GHASDHG-- *brainsplode*

Um. Anyway. Yeah. Bottom line is, she's a great person, aaaaand I have more Peeco and Banyuu in my collection. |D

Attended class on Saturday before meeting up with [ profile] khursten again, for her birthday celebration - [ profile] yukitsu was with her, and we zipped over to Binondo for food tripping with [ profile] kye_kestrel, [ profile] ficcentricity [ profile] yue_dermond and [ profile] 77ws. We went over to her house after we finished up, where I watched some Gintama, broke Lynffles' brain with one of my critical readings, oggled my doujinshi yet again and rolled around until around two in the morning.

Was supposed to get home in time to celebrate Mass with my dad, since it's his birthday today, but I didn't make it - thankfully, my parents were okay with it. I just have to make sure not to do it again. Am upstairs now and finally done with most of my internet backlog.

Doctor's appointment tomorrow and on Tuesday. Beyond that, I've got to finish birthday fics for [ profile] theprerogative and [ profile] botling and teacherly things for my children. Might chill out a little longer, though, since I'm still kinda "bwuh" after being out for pretty much the whole weekend.

On other awesomeness, I was accepted into Amat. This makes me ridiculously happy, but also terribly worried. o_o


KHR: Return on Investment, Devil Summoner, Persona 3, Persona 4, Reborn!, Gintama, One Piece, Eureka7, Bounen no Xamdou, Metal Gear Solid, Kekkaishi. )

L-lots of fics. *shamefaced*

On other news: HELLO TO THE NEW PEOPLE ON MY FLIST. ...Hello, at least, to the ones I know and the ones I don't who bothered to comment on my F-O Post. orz Please comment there if you want me to add you back, guys. :|
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( Jan. 17th, 2009 10:13 pm)
It takes a monumental effort on my part to update my LJ.

...I should be worried about that, huh?

School & Grad Studies:

Taught my classes in tip-top shape pretty much this whole week - I suppose that means that I've finally gotten my groove back after Christmas break. Advisory marks are just around the corner, though, as are midterms... combine that with the fact that I seriously have to start thinking about the topics for my grad studies papers, and you'll probably have a very busy Pammeth by the end of January. orz

On other news, my report on Ghost in the Shell was marvelous, and it was followed by a great report on Battlestar Galactica. I THINK I managed to impress my professor - I'm a little iffy about his grading standards (I don't understand how I got the standing that I did with him), but my performance last meeting must account for something.

After reading Derrida, I think I've leveled up. ALL OF A SUDDEN, EVERY OTHER CRITIC I READ IS SO CLEAR. D:

Fandom & Internet Things

Meme of the Moment: If I was a button on a keyboard, I would be the Alt Key.

Keanu Reeves as Spike Spiegel? No. Just. No.

Return on Investment seems to be getting pretty positive reviews so far. I'm... honestly a little intimidated about having people that I don't know actually stalking my writing journal and looking for updates though. orz I suppose I should just be glad that people outside of my circle are actually reading it though?

On that note: Chapter 3 is up, for the curious. Also: LOOK AT WHAT [ profile] mlina WROTE ME FOR CHRISTMAS. ♥♥♥ READ IT AND WORSHIP HER, OKAY?

Personal Stuff & Friend Things:

If someone had to make a tagline for me, I think the most appropriate would be this:

"Ordering her world one icon at a time."

... *cough*

SO ANYWAY, YEAH. I HAVE CREATED A ROUTINE FOR MYSELF. See, I'm tired of watching my backlog on the manga/anime/comics/TV/random-errand-things-that-make-me-happy side of things building, so I've decided to do a combination of any of the following each day (along with whatever work or fandom-related things that com up) to cover all bases:

+ Archive more fics (this entails reading them through for errors and stuff also)
+ Edit previous chapters or write new segments of Return on Investment / write fanfiction or things for your original stories
+ Sort out at least 10 titles from the unread comics pile
+ Watch at least 2 eps worth of stuff

G-good luck to me, right? ;A;

Also, this is relevant to Philippine yaoi enthusiasts: had a meeting with the Lights Out ladies this afternoon. Good things may come this summer.

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( Sep. 6th, 2008 10:44 pm)


That was, by far, the craziest convention I've helped out in.

Here's to the next one, and more to come.


It's that meme thing that everyone's been doing.

Yes, I'm talking about you.

1. There are 30 questions.
2. Next to each number, the name of the person/people who fit the question.
3. Answer one question with one name however many names you want.
4. Don't tell the questions to anyone who isn't doing the meme.

PH33R. )

ALSO, CAN EVERYONE WHO MENTIONED ME IN THE QUESTIONS PLEASE GIVE ME THE NUMBER YOU MENTIONED ME IN. I-I know I saw my name like several times. Don't remember where though. x_X

Quick RL updates:

1.) Came down with a cold somehow. It's kind of going away now, but yesterday was pretty horrid. Proved to myself that I could teach on a pounding headache though. I am officially awesome. ♥
2.) LSSing on Muse's "Map of the Problematique". My 1896 plunnies, they are humping~~~
3.) Had a surreal run-in with some international school brat when I was in serendra. "OMG YOU LIEK SMOKE CLOVES? *kyaa* WHEREVER DID YOU LIEK BUY THEM?" Btw, she was almost Asian porn star hot.
5.) POLITICS GET. Welcome to the academe, my dear.
6.) I should write more. For srs.
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( May. 6th, 2008 09:02 pm)
Before all else, here's an important announcement on LIGHTS OUT, courtesy of [ profile] magnetic_rose:

Lights Out would like to invite all Filipino yaoi fans to the the 5th Lights Out: Five Years of Fantasy! The convention will be held on the 6th of September 2008 at Ikeda Hall/Balay Kalinaw (next to Ilang-Ilang Residence Hall), University of the Philippines Diliman Campus, Quezon City. Festivities will start at 1:00 PM and will wrap up at 7:00 PM.

Tickets to the convention are pegged at PhP 150 each (inclusive of single-use event badge and Library pass), while tickets to Cafe Le Mirage are at PhP 80 each (inclusive of one half-hour tea set). Please visit the Events page for more information.

You can blame my long absence on me getting re-acquainted with my PS2. [ profile] kye_kestrel was kind enough to burn me the undubbed version of Persona 3: FES (I actually downloaded it myself, but my image burner popped out faulty discs! ;_;). Unfortunately, since my memory card is STILL missing, I can't take advantage of all the work I did in the original version of the game. That means that I'm starting from scratch with P3, and I have to do things the hard way in the Aigis chapter of the game. >_> It's starting to get annoying.

Lesee, what other cool stuff has happened... my parents came home from Batangas on Sunday (big relief: crazy brother was starting to seriously get to me), and I got to COMPLETELY veg out like anything yesterday (read: PS2). Most of my time at work was devoted to fixing up my Dad's account on Multiply -- he wanted me to upload the pictures we took in Batanes so that we can tell the rest of the tour group about it. I also went out, briefly, to cash in my check for the time I put in last month. I think I can buy my new PC very, very soon. :D

...That's assuming that I don't make any other big investments in the next few days, though. I'm half-inclined to hit Data Blitz and check if they have FES out on original. There's also the fact that I need to get myself an original of Crisis Core: mine has started stalling on me, particularly whenever a summon DMW comes out. ._. And, of course, buying Crisis Core means that I'm obligated to buy Final Fantasy Tactics, since I'm a collector that way. AH, SO DIFFICULT.

Gamer and money woes aside, what's probably the best and scariest thing that happened today was that Ateneo's English Department phoned in: since the chair of the department knows me, I don't need to go through an interview with her. They want me to do demo teaching. Like, soon. o_o They actually wanted me to do it this coming Thursday, but I said I wasn't ready. But yeah. Fuck. O_O

It's semi-amusing that the teaching thing popped up before the results of my grad studies application though.

ON OTHER NEWS: [ profile] yukitsu, your Lolichan is being stupid again. She signed up for the mini-bang at [ profile] hitman_reborn even though she's never actually written anything or posted any of her fics online. Now half of me wishes that she'll submit an entry just so that I can smack her. :D
The Lights Out meeting went well for the most part, although I daresay that I must've been in the bathroom for about half of it. Got srsly sick again. Period + Body Clock Screw-ups Since December + Late, Late Lunch = Not Cool. Ladies, please update me. Apologies for the scare. @_@

I suppose sicking up was a good thing, though... I thought that the last time was just a fluke, but this sorta proved that my body's just been fucked up lately. Srsly must get back to exercising. Srsly must change diet. Srsly must fix body clock. =_=

[/sickness woes!]

Recent events on the scene and personal stuff-stuff have convinced me to make a more intelligent post than the usual about games sometime soon. Warning: it will likely be TL;DR and full of Lit Major Snark things, so when it comes out, don't read it if you don't wanna know.

Which reminds me: [ profile] team7, I owe you articles. Will work on those soon, pramis! I WILL BE YOUR SLAVE SOON.

On other shoutouts... [ profile] stryderranulf, I will have to humbly request that I only stay until 7 or so when we get to work on the game development stuff. I don't think I should stay out late for a while. ~_~ Apologies.

Righto. Logging off soon. Sleep needed, and if that doesn't come soon, there's always the PSP. *fufufu*

EDIT: Mom says that the symptoms might be indicative of gallstones. Hyperacidity is also a possibility. Gallstones, though. That is just teh suck. =_=
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( Feb. 29th, 2008 11:28 pm)
Woke up early for once! Fridays during Lent = no meat = PAMMETH WOES.

Brain is fried from doing World of Darkness stuff the whole day. CAMPAIGN PEOPLE TALK TO ME I NEEDZ YOUR SCHEDULES.

Meet with the LO ladies tomorrow, yay~

The Phoenix Wright soundtrack is srs gay biznez.

I ♥ generally useless LJ posts! I ♥ giving [ profile] yukitsu Bad Thoughts! ABOUT CHILDREN!


Yaoi no Hi celebration at Mall of Asia. Took [ profile] archangel_dream along for the ride, where I met up with [ profile] yukitsu, [ profile] sindapa, [ profile] khursten, [ profile] xhael, [ profile] macgirl_13, [ profile] stryderranulf, [ profile] sortinghatlover, [ profile] magnetic_rose and other faces old and new to celebrate boy porn over chocolate cake. Was given the work I need to do from Ranulf's end, and basically chilled/fangirled/bibliophiled the whole day.

Late night conversations and Gudangs made me realize how much I've missed times like that. After a harrowing semester (and it'll only get more harrowing from this point), going back to the people who truly matter in life was refreshing. The book sales and discount card power help too. X3

...This summary would be better, 'cept my brain is shot from weird weather and too much smoking. At least it's windy. o_o



Petrik and family (including my adorable one-year-old (and them some) niece were over for the weekend. They're all ecstatic about the publishing gig. Father dear has offered to buy copies of the anthology when it comes out and give it to all our relatives and (nearly) all of my friends. It was generally all right until dinner time, when the topic of conversation somehow moved to homosexuality.

Traditional family + patriarchal house + know-it-all brother = Not Cool. Will Not Discuss.



Was supposed to meet with Mahar to satisfy his craving for wild, passionate boysex give him this disc of eclectic anime pieces that I owe him, but he never came around. Spent most of my day in the smoket, and some of it at Caf Up. [ profile] archangel_dream was freaking out over her Philo orals. [ profile] miyachan and I were cramming fixing our stuff for Read or Die. We'll be handling Edith Tiempo during the talks at the Manila International Book Fair.

Home now, and a bit dizzy. I've got work I need to do for Comics Class, and I really ought to be working on my assignment(s) for Creative Writing. I should also be doing the shorts I plan to submit to Spec Fic and PSG. Then there's Madame Bovary to read and diagrams to encode.

*stares longingly at her Torchwood DVD*


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