Sitting back in my room with the blinds down and my electric fan at full blast directed at my face. The internet is crappy, the humidity is unbearable and my eyes haven't adjusted to the tropical sun yet, so I feel vaguely like a vampire.

Still, I'm home in one piece. That is a good thing.

May 31

Bad turbulence on the plane plus my period tested my patience on the flight going to Vancouver, but everything turned out just fine once we hit the airport. My old helper picked us up again, and this time she was accompanied by her son (he's really tall and looks like a professional basketball player, by the way. o_o) and the husband of my other old helper. We were going to eat dinner at helper #2's house. There was so much food, and all of it was wonderful, and they have two cats the size of raccoons. I kind of really wanted to bring them home. ;;

The house we stayed in was actually a bit of a compound, and it served as a boarding house for students coming in from abroad. Peter and I got to occupy two of the dormitory rooms in the basement - it was the first time either of us got our own space this entire trip, so it was a little nice.

There are two pets at the house: a fluffy black cat named Angel and an old cocker spaniel named Randy. Angel hates guys and because of some trauma with her former owner's boyfriend, she'll only allow people to touch her with their feet. Randy's super polite and loves people and sniffs around everywhere - his former owner grew old and developed Alzheimer's, but fortunately, my old helper was more than willing to take him in. They are the most adorable things in the world.

June 1

Took the ferry to Victoria: it's been ages since I've ridden on a proper ferry, and the route was definitely part of the beauty and fun of the entire exercise. The sea breeze was fucking cold but amazing, and it was lovely, just leaning on the rails, watching the sea gulls sail on the current.

Since we left the house a little late and we had a deadline to catch for my little brother (lol, Ateneo enlistment), our first and only real stop was Buchart Gardens. You have not seen a garden until you've seen this place, and I honestly believe that even people who don't really like nature will be hard-pressed NOT to enjoy this place.

Had a bit of a fiasco with the car, but two nice strangers and my dad's sudden expertise (seriously, how does he know all of this shit?!) helped us along just fine.

June 2

Our last full day in Vancouver, so all of us kicked back, fixed our things for the trip and relaxed. The bro and I went out with Marc, my old helper's son, and his girlfriend. That meant me adding another subway/trains to the list of subway/train systems I have taken around the world, and all of us watching Pirates. It was an okay movie, I suppose.

Big dinner at the house when we got back, with more of mom's old friends. One of them has a daughter who has pretty much the same dream I do: by hook or by crook, get into the gaming industry. It was awesome talking to her, and the night just got better after the bro and I hung out with Marc again for some cards and drinks. I got scary lucky, and one all but two of our games. I also got to smoke out in the chill and beauty of my hometown, which was one of the goals I set out for myself before flying off.

June 3-4

Transit day, which meant running around, sitting in airports and spending my birthday on the plane. The flights weren't so bad, though, since I got to spent them asleep or plotting.

A bit of a shock, though, coming back to the fantastic chaos and unrivaled humidity of Manila. Also: my cat doesn't hate me!

It'll be back to the grind soon enough for me. I won't be teaching, which means I'll have to move my stuff out of the department, and I'll have to attend to my registration and hook up with folks that I haven't talked to in ages.

I've got a new goal now, one that doesn't mean staying in the Philippines. I don't know if I'll succeed or where it'll ultimately take me, but this trip and everything that has happened before that point and during it has made me realize that it's something I've got to do.
I actually started writing this one from my cousin’s flat – it’s the place I’ve been staying in for nearly a week now. As those of you on plurk already know, there’s no net access from home yet. Planned on making this entry when I was actually online, but whenever I get online, I end up doing a whole bunch of other things instead. XD

So! Singapore. Where do I begin?

Watch out for them teal deers. )

Summary: it’s been a pretty crazy trip so far. I have no doubt that it’ll just get crazier from here.

I told [ profile] yukitsu, [ profile] khursten, [ profile] kye_kestrel and a few others this before, but back before I left home, I knew that somehow this trip would be good for me. So far, I’m right. There is a special joy that comes with being on your own, with no one to really rely on but yourself – sure, you have to do all of your stuff on your own and plan all of this stuff on your own and worry about your cash and your laundry and your room and your commuting route, but god, it’s glorious.

It’s the little things that are best about independence, I realize. Standing around at the bus station while you wait for your ride home, listening to Nine Inch Nails on your mobile and absorbing the noise and heat of the city, wandering outside to the balcony of the place you’re staying in to light up and enjoy the breeze… that sort of stuff. Take note: I’m the 25-year-old girl who’s still living with her parents and therefore subject to all sorts of loving but ultimately ridiculous rules. I don’t love my family any less, but I am starting to see that I really need to get out there already. And Singapore is the first step.

I do miss my cat my cat, though. Like, really, really, really miss her. There are lots of friendly strays that are beautiful looking and plump and stuff, but they just make me wish that I could’ve brought Gouto with me. And I kind of really wish my girl friends from home were down here with me too. ._.

Anyway, I previously mentioned that having no internet at home is really good for me. This applies in more than just one direction. For one, so far, I’ve managed to read half of the huge-ass pile of unread comics and doujinshi that have just been piling up on my hard drive for the past year and a half. For another, I’ve managed to catch up on a lot of anime and tv shows, and watch some movies that have also been idling around in my collection. Something tells me that if I had brought my PS3 along, I would’ve been able to play through some of the games that I’ve had to set aside too – but it’s a good thing that I didn’t, else I’d be distracted. Forever.

Oh, and I’ve gotten a lot of writing done. Like, a lot of writing. Let me show you. :3


† DURARARA! Izaya, Kida, rendezvous. // The possibility of zero.
† COUNT CAIN/GODCHILD. Riff, Cain, watching. // And yes, the way you look at me.
† FINAL FANTASY 7. Aerith, ghosts. // A new iconography of resurrection.
† GINTAMA. Gintoki, Katsura, how things have changed. // Faith is a series of calculations.
† SOUL CAMPAIGN (RP). Vergil, Yuna and a bottle of booze. // Women do have an affinity for evil
† SOUL CAMPAIGN (RP). Genesis, Vergil, black mail. // Only enemies speak the truth
† SOUL CAMPAIGN (RP). Phoenix, Edgeworth, Soul Talk. // Sic probo
† SOUL CAMPAIGN (RP). Date, Dante, getting crazy. // Scuse me while I kiss this guy.
† SOUL CAMPAIGN (RP). Dojima, Roy, taking the next step. // When a heart must go where it belongs
† SOUL CAMPAIGN (RP). Mukuro, Adah, experimentation. // Given the scalpel, they dissect a kiss.
† SOUL CAMPAIGN (RP). Shizuo, Nanako, babysitting. // The quiet moments while the city’s still dark.
† SOUL CAMPAIGN (RP). Roy, Vergil, discipline. // Nous sommes fucked.
† SOUL CAMPAIGN (RP). Vergil, Kurapika, treating ladies right. // Confusion that is so hard to be avoided.
† SOUL CAMPAIGN (RP). Pedosun, Voyeurmoon and creeper!Adah. // Things in heavenly bodies.
† SOUL CAMPAIGN (RP). Roy, Celty, silence. // You can either hold on or let go.
† SOUL CAMPAIGN (RP). Rhode, Chrome, tension is sex. // I (don’t) hate you.
† SOUL CAMPAIGN (RP). Mukuro, Rhode, ten years later. // She got a buttermilk smile and a thorny touch.

Week Three, here I come.
This is so overdue, it ain't funny.

+ I managed to submit my paper as planned! I also finished my teacherly work, although it took a lot longer than it should have. Lol, vacation mode. Good job, brain.
+ I may have discovered something that could land me a research scholarship thing in Japan.
+ This semester ended with a bang and lovely family things.
+ Slept over at the Cheng Chua pad since Khursten is house sitting.
+ RP is starting to lose its flavor.
+ Fandom never gives me pretty things. :|
+ NaNoWriMo is coming up. I need to get my ass in gear and start warming up with ficcage. Undecided on what project to do, though.

And the long versions! )

The cat has greatly missed me, it seems, and it is also time for dinner.
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( Sep. 28th, 2010 12:41 am)
So I tell myself that I'm going to, y'know, actually update this properly and get back to real blogging and stuff.

Then I get my PSP back and open P3P.


School will be out in two weeks. Freedom is in sight.

Gouto is fatter and cuter now.

My Lit 13 kids have started Heavy Rain - they failed to brush their teeth.

Busier than ever in [ profile] soul_campaign, because Mustang.

New seasons for a lot of my usual shows have started up, but I'm so behind in marathoning things, it ain't funny.

Seriously considering a formal hiatus from all RP-related activities to, y'know, actually write.

A FRIENDS CUT IS IN ORDER HERE, I THINK. I just scrolled through 440 entries, man. +_+ In the meantime:


Just in case you think it's time to let go, or don't even remember why you friended me in the first place. No hard feelings, guaranteed. Oh, and if I've cut you, I hope you understand, as well.
So uuuuh summer class is over.

I think it made me a better teacher, but overall? I kind of don't want to do it again. ;;

I CAN ALSO OFFICIALLY DRIVE although I am yet to go on the road!


Picspam. [Answers a photo meme from WAY BACK and then some.] )

I'll upload the rest of the stuff on my phone tomorrow. owo

Now that we're nearing the halfway point of 2010, I have but one thing to say:

It's been interesting.
Been meaning to update for a while, but it's become a real effort to check any of the usual internet haunts these days. My shitty connection is one of the main reasons, followed by a few other things that happened this month. Thankfully, the personal storms have died down (thank god for friends who choose to stick by you in spite of everything), so I'm slowly crawling back to being around on the virtual sphere.

The connection hasn't really improved at all, though.

At the moment of my writing this, I've finished checking all of the student works that have accumulated over... well, the past month. Maybe more. I'll be heading on campus for the last time this school year tomorrow, to give my final exam for the Lit 14 kids under me, and to get the last batch of student submissions that I'll need in order to compute for their grades.

This year has been pretty instructive, on the teacher front. I'm going to put my money where my mouth is and work on a complete overhaul of my curriculi - like, schedule everything in an orderly fashion, and add extra modules that'll hopefully improve the cailber of the students who end up getting me as their teacher next year.

Got to look for schools, too. I've decided to finish my MA degree in ADMU rather than abort it mid-sem to go elsewhere, but that doesn't mean that I shouldn't prepare all the same.

Speaking of school: the paper I mentioned in the last post? I managed to get my topic of choice - that is, proving the theatricality of tabletop and play-by-post RPGs - approved. I also managed to submit it in time, although my professor will be out of town until the 26th. Grades are due on the 30th... I do hope she'll be able to check it in time.

There is something grim yet beautiful about measuring your life through the pills you pop at night.

Conversely, there is something amusing but perfect about having a cat who's ridiculously attached to you. Gouto has a MOM MOM MOM meow. She uses it often, especially when I leave her behind in the room.

As the plurk list knows, I've been tripping out on Final Fantasy 13 and the Ace Attorney series. At Chapter 11 for FF13 - taking my sweet time because I want to complete a lot of the quests.

(Which reminds me: does ANYONE know how to do Mission 27? I have no clue how to reach the mark when it's at the center of a circle that I can't walk to.)

Finished the Wright and Justice games, and I've just started Edgeypoo's game. It's good stuff, although I do think they could've afforded to expand on a few things a little more.

I don't think I've gamed this much in a while. It's one of the many things that I've yearned to go back to for a while, I realize. Writing, archiving, marathoning series I follow, fixing my music, mixing and doing my icons are a few of the others too.

Completed my usual Lenten ritual, which involves me somehow getting struck with the odd urge to read through one of my older works. This time, it was Gravity Attack.

I'll probably flail about this in another entry, when I'm more in a mood to spazz at length.

And I still owe everyone photos.
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( Mar. 7th, 2010 09:01 am)


I-I'm working on it, seriously...

On other news:

Personal Stuff; Have worked my way back to a-okay, which is lovely beyond words.

Cat Saga; Gouto likes nipping, Ginkitty likes harrassing Gouto. AND I HAVE MET SHINSUKE, MY FELINE COUNTERPART.

Academic Stuff; got a 25-page paper due for my grad studies tutorial class. Not sure if I mentioned it online, but I know my RL friends are aware of this since I keep whining about it. Got all the sources, and I've been working through the books I borrowed, but I'm starting to realize that I have absolutely no drive to do the paper. I could pin it on simple laziness, but on another end, it might be because I feel like I'm researching for nothing?

Let's quantify that. Since I'm an MA student, I'm expected to work towards some sort of specialization. I've been given the space to do papers that reflect my areas of interest in my other classes, but it does not seem possible for me to do that now. Hence, I'm stuck researching on drama (not my favorite thing, at least on a critical level) and performing a textual analysis using theories that, while I'm familiar with, aren't the ones I'm out to use in the future.

It's always good to read outside of your comfort zone, but given my time constraints and the stuff I'm pulling outside of scholarly work, I feel as though I'm just punishing myself for something whose benefits will only really come out later, if there are any benefits to be had at all.

(I could also be needlessly arrogant about this whole thing. In actuality, I could easily defer the submission of the paper for next semester with absolutely no loss to me, but I abhor the idea of having an incomplete mark on my record.)

I've considered writing up a new bibliography and a paper proposal for an idea I've been tossing around in my head for some time. I'm not sure how it'll float with this professor (she's cool, but very much a member of "the old guard", to quote [ profile] unsymbolic), but I might as well try, right? If I manage to convince her, I'll have a much easier time.

Phoenix Wright; Just.


This game series?

It's eaten me alive.



And now, my kitties! Aaaand snippets of me. )

Gouto is the black one with brown speckles and Ginkitty/Snow is the white one! ♥

Much love to [ profile] khursten for taking the photos and uploading them! *w*


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