Hi, guys. Lots of things have happened. In sum:

Still don't have a job. I am okay with this.

Gaming a lot, writing a lot, RPing like a boss, doing well in my studies, dealing with stupid classmates.

Switched ISPs to something faster. This is about the only reason why I'm finally doing personal LJ things - my old connection just couldn't load all the stuff going on on my flist, and I couldn't download doujin/anime anyway, so there wasn't a point. Coming back now that I have the means.

Feeling better about myself and the direction I'm going in, overall. Things will only get better from here on, with luck.

How have all of you been? Apologies: I suck at keeping up with you folks these days. You're welcome to scold me through the usual means. As a sort of peace offering, have some fics:

GINTAMA. // A lover as faithful as guilt.
GINTAMA. // Something's Burning: Fate could create you and I.
GINTAMA. // Something's Burning: Open up and let me inside.
GINTAMA. // Something's Burning: Errands and affairs.
GINTAMA. // Something's Burning: Deny, deny, deny.
GINTAMA. // Something's Burning: Regarder la lumiere
GINTAMA. // Something's Burning: Nautical dawn.
GINTAMA. // Something's Burning: I will be the water for your thirst.
GINTAMA. // Something's Burning: Epilogue.

Fandom bias, thy name is Gintama.
Registration, by the way, was incredibly tedious. I won't say 'hell' because that would be exaggerating the entire exercise, but let's just say I left school that afternoon murderous. Interestingly enough, this is the first time I finished registering in one day since I started my master's degree. That's got to count for something, right?

Last weekend of 'freedom' was spent with friends on Saturday, and family on Sunday. Went to my older brother's new place: it's a townhouse that's a stone's throw away from Holy Spirit. It was abymssally hot and I was terribly sleepy, but few things beat the joy of chilling out with your parents, your brothers and your sisters-in-law with the kids running around, eating Ferrero Rocher and talking about nothing at all.

My cat's been my only real company at home during the day, and my younger brother swings by in the evening to do work. His laptop finally gave out on him, so he doesn't have much of a choice. Been falling asleep to the sound of him working these past few days. Going abroad appears to have fixed my sleeping schedule: I don't stay up at ungodly hours, and I tend to wake up with the dawn.

Just had my first of two classes - no formal lecture, of course, just some questions and a bit of small talk. Spent more of my time catching up with a colleague, who gave me some interesting news. I've missed her a lot, I realize, but I haven't been very good with people these days. She hasn't been either, though, and we said as much to each other. There's some camaraderie to be found in being disconnected, then connecting with people who decided to disconnect the way you did for a while.

Won't be on campus again until Saturday, if I have any say in it. Home's just too comfortable these days.

Been wrestling with a general feeling of uselessness. Sure, I'm free and yes, it's wonderful, but I don't have a job, and after three years of earning it's kind of hard to fall back on that. My friends all appear to be moving ahead too, which doesn't really help.

Such as it is. I'll get on my feet again eventually. In the meantime, I ought to enjoy my break because I doubt that I'll get another one after this is finished.

I'd normally let an issue like this resolve itself and not chip in my two cents unless prompted to, but this debate on the RH Bill is becoming ridiculous. The Ruling Powers down hear (read: the Philippine Catholic Church) have it in their heads that they're waging a war against heathen, and the flock MUST obey them if they are to save their souls.

We were made to pray "for the sanctity of the Church" and "the well-being of all families" against the RH bill during last Sunday's service. Suffice to say, I did not kneel, and I did not pray at all. I believe I was the only one.

Perhaps I will stand next time. I can't walk out - it'll break my parents' hearts, and they are the only reason why I continue to suffer through Mass - but I can resist in my own way.

For any of you bishops in the audience, this is how I live my faith. Fucking deal with it. And no, you can't excommunicate me. I'd sure as hell like to see you try.

For the interested: I chronicled my entire trip abroad. I've listed down the entries here in chronological order:

Vancouver, May 5
Vancouver, May 6
Vancouver, May 7
Vancouver, May 8
Vancouver, May 9-10
Toronto, May 11-13
Toronto and New York, May 14-19
New York and Washington D.C., May 20-22
Washington D.C., May 23-26
Washington D.C./New York again/Toronto again, May 26-31
Vancouver again and coming home, June 1-5

No pictures yet. I'll have to sit down a while and sift through them before I show anything off.

Now, for the mandatory fic dump.

► DEVIL SUMMONER. // From blossom to dusty blossom.
► SUIKODEN TIERKREIS. // Everybody knows I hate you except you.
► SUIKODEN TIEKRKREIS. // Tireless hunger in your eyes.
► METAL GEAR SOLID 4. // Take care of all our dreams.
► GINTAMA. // We outgrow love like other things.
► FULL METAL ALCHEMIST. // Don't trust a statistic you didn't fake yourself.

Got a lot of backlog, but my activities on LJ and my own need to catch up with downloads keeps me from posting them up in a timely fashion, or working on others.
Missed out on updating this for a while again, since we got pretty busy. I'm currently typing all of this out from my brother's apartment: it's our last day in Toronto before the last Vancouver run, and my folks have gone off to do some last minute shopping things. Peter and I are done packing, so we're chilling out and waiting for them.

May 26

This was our last day in Washington do to whatever we could, so after sleeping in and eating brunch at our leisure, my family elected to hit the Mall again to cover the Museum of American History. That place had some of the coolest exhibits I've ever seen, and one incredibly impressive exhibit on America's involvement in the different major wars along with some of their own on the home front. Military history and the like are among my favorite topics of interest, so you can only guess how much time I spent bouncing around in there, gawking at everything.

(Have I mentioned, on a related note, that we caught field trip season while we were in Washington, so we've been constantly swarmed by crowds of irritating children? I sometimes wonder if I've ever been so unappreciative of heritage and culture at those ages.

Shut up, I'm an old woman.)

We spent most of our morning and afternoon there, and then we split up to check out places we were interested in. Mom hit the art galleries; dad, Peter and I wanted to take a look at the Museum of the American Indian. Everything about that place was amazing, and my only regret is that we really, REALLY didn't get to see a lot of it before closing time. I was hoping to pick up a good book on Native American beliefs - something like a general reference on systems of religion, worship and philosophy - but there doesn't seem to be one in existence. That saddened me greatly, because the one exhibit we really got to go through tackled that topic, and was so fascinating. ;;

My feet were smarting from the collective pain of constantly walking since Toronto by that period. I think I spent most of the remainder of our last day in bed.

May 27

We got kicked out of the hotel by 12 because of check out times, and since our flight had been pushed back into the evening, we were left to stroll a bit around town and lounge in the lobby until it was time for us to head off. That was the start of all the shit, I believe.

Because of horrendous weather conditions and lots of air traffic, our flight was pushed back at least seven times, which resulted in my family and everyone else waiting for flights coming from New York waiting in the departure area for over four hours. The long delay made us miss our connecting flight to Buffalo (and, subsequently, an extra afternoon and evening with my brother Philip in Niagara on his birthday), so after riding a plane that smelled of piss (no joke; I don't want to think about whatever went in there before we came around), we were forced to putter around for a hotel at 2 in the morning upon our arrival to spend an extra night in NYC. We nailed one, but they dinged my parents for a crapload of money that didn't quite add up to the services and room quality of the place we were stuck with. It was one of those hotels that used to be really classy but is now falling apart all over the place.

At least the shuttle driver who took us over to our hotel was really cool.

In retrospect, the situation really wasn't so bad because I had my family with me. I think I would have been a lot angrier (and maybe a little insecure) if I had been traveling alone. The last delay I had to go through was back in LA, when I flew off for a conference. That wasn't very fun. :\

May 28

Our flight to Buffalo was, thankfully, NOT delayed, and we managed to get our suitcases upon landing without a fuss (they had been checked in the day before and had gotten to the airport way ahead of us). Philip was there to pick us up, along with Russell, one of my white brothers. The road trip going to Niagara was fun. XD

Russell accompanied Peter and I on the Maid of the Mist tour, which was so damned awesome... the last time I had been to see the Falls, I had been very young, so encountering them again at an age where I could truly appreciate their beauty and power was something else entirely. After that, we all spent a night out on the town, checking the place out. They really built a tourist town on the Canadian end! It made me miss the company of my friends back home.

The only solution, it seems, is to come back there with them someday.

May 30

Did some last minute touring of Niagara (Russell, Peter and I hit the Journey Behind the Falls this time and got thoroughly soaked) then went for a pit stop at Niagara-at-the-Lake (lovely little town; got to eat Canada's best ice cream, or so the sign said) before heading home. Didn't get to see Geoff since we arrived pretty late, which kind of sucked. Blame it on all of those damned delays...

Attended Mass with Phil and his family in the evening, then spent the rest of the time settling down and bonding. The little bro and I were dragged out early the very next day to go around the Greater Ontario area, checking out some of the universities that my folks are aiming to send my brother to. I went, of course, because these are the places I will have to seriously consider myself, since we might be moving.

Phil, Peter and I picked Liza and Liana up as soon as we were home so that we could catch Kung Fu Panda 2, which was pretty damned good for a sequel. After that, we picked up ginormous sandwiches for dinner, and the bros and I talked on things - family, growing up, moving out - while waiting for my parents to get home.

This trip, it seems, has been all about thinking back, looking forward and wondering where the hell I am now, in more ways than one. I am occasionally surprised at realizing how I really feel about things, and I'm also becoming increasingly aware of the fact that there's only so much time to do everything I need to do, and all of the other things that I simply want to do.

Interesting, really, this process of getting older.

On other news, I'm on my second (and heaviest) day of my period. I will be in transit. Fun.
Has it been a while, or has it been a while? It's been crazy down here, and I've pretty much moved all of my activity unto plurk these days, due to [livejournal.com profile] soul_campaign and, well. Sheer laziness, really.

You all haven't gotten rid of me just yet, though. I get assaulted, at random, by the sudden need to fix my little internet hovels on a regular basis. For those of you who may not even remember me, hi, hello, this is Kae/Pam/Pammu/Pammeth, signing in, once again.

I know I ought to be making a lengthier update, given how long it's been and everything that has happened, but I'm not one for really writing out what goes on in my life at length over the internet anymore. This is either because I'm growing older, I'm getting busier, I'm doing a whole bunch of OTHER things all at once or it's just been crazy and my habits are changing because of it. Still, a few points of information:

I'm back from Singapore. Learned a lot on the trip, deepened my ties with the people over there, but I don't think I ever want to do something like that again. This isn't the place to really talk about exactly what happened to me, but let's just say that all around, people were crappy.

Been on the retreat for personal reasons. I sort of... shut down on the internet end in the middle of March, and I haven't quite gone out of hiding yet, as many of my RP buddies have noticed. My entire experience in Singapore and a few unrelated, isolated incidents on the personal front have gotten me seriously thinking about what I want to do with my life, along with the relationships I have with people in general, the state of my research and my job, and the stuff that I truly want to be doing, in spite of all the interferance. Suffice to say, the shut down has allowed me to reconnect with folks I haven't spoken to or seen in a while, and beyond that? I think it's helping.

Did I mention that my internet connection has become even crappier since I came home? That actually contributes a lot to my overall feeling of disconnection, actually, since I end up flipping tables at the mere thought of puttering around and checking up on things and people since I rarely get anywhere with it.

I'll have to be back in gear by June, though, and I know I owe more than a few people an explanation for my decision to hide. When it comes, then.

The family's doing well, all things considered. To make a long story short, it has been... interesting, in the Punzalan household. Things are changing in ways I cannot begin to describe, and it is part of the reason why I've sort of withdrawn from the usual places outside of plurk. Plurk is easy for me, see. Connectivity without too much of the pressure, terrible as that might sound.

Going out on another trip. This will likely be the last trip I will ever take, all expenses paid, with my parents. They are getting older, things are getting more expensive and business is getting harder. Dad says that this is his last 'gift' to me and my little bro, since, being the youngest in the family, we were never able to travel as much as our siblings were. Paolo won't be on this one for that precise reason.

Will be out for the entirety of May and June, then it's back to the school and research grind.

Now, for internet things.

Friends Cut, All Around;

Did some major cleaning up of the flist to ditch old fangirl things, streamline my feed and make sure I actually see the entries that matter on the few times that I check back here (because I have a feeling I'll keep dropping out of this Regularly Checking LJ habit more and more as the months pass), so I've also removed a lot of people from my list.

Please note that you're free to remove me as well, especially if you don't even remember why you've got me friended in the first place. Nothing personal: we're all just moving on.

Oh yeah. Have some fics, guys.

fic pimpage
► FINAL FANTASY 13. // And light becomes what it touches.
► SENGOKU BASARA. // Mine is a crazy heart / what has it to fear?
► SOUL EATER. // Unclench your floodgates
► SOUL CAMPAIGN RP. // Trusting strangers
► SOUL CAMPAIGN RP. // These are the days of miracle and wonder.
► SOUL CAMPAIGN RP. // Men are born for games.
Either I cut down my flist, or I start checking LJ more religiously. I don't know when it suddenly became hard to do that - I used to be such an internet whore. Now I only use it for plurk and RP. WHAT IS GOING ON. 8|

Anyway hi, I'm still alive, and a million and one apologies to all of you darlings. I have been remiss in keeping up with what's been going on, as of late. Please to be telling me if I have missed anything important?


Plurklings already know this, but I had a major table-flipping session of Ragequit lately. Things have been batshit down here, and the fact that one of the few things I had left to really enjoy was being dickish and stupid really didn't help. Gotten a lot of my work done now, though, so I'm feeling a lot better and a little more ready to return to the regular flow of things.

...As regular as things can get, anyway. Weekend was surreal, as one of my previous LJ entries might reveal, but I don't want to get into details here. Another time, perhaps.

On lighter news: THIS ACCOUNT HAS BEEN TOPPED UP WITH INFINITE ICON POWER, because 69 ♥s me muchly.

The paper I read during the L.A. conference has also been accepted for publication.

Been meaning to update for a while, but it's become a real effort to check any of the usual internet haunts these days. My shitty connection is one of the main reasons, followed by a few other things that happened this month. Thankfully, the personal storms have died down (thank god for friends who choose to stick by you in spite of everything), so I'm slowly crawling back to being around on the virtual sphere.

The connection hasn't really improved at all, though.

At the moment of my writing this, I've finished checking all of the student works that have accumulated over... well, the past month. Maybe more. I'll be heading on campus for the last time this school year tomorrow, to give my final exam for the Lit 14 kids under me, and to get the last batch of student submissions that I'll need in order to compute for their grades.

This year has been pretty instructive, on the teacher front. I'm going to put my money where my mouth is and work on a complete overhaul of my curriculi - like, schedule everything in an orderly fashion, and add extra modules that'll hopefully improve the cailber of the students who end up getting me as their teacher next year.

Got to look for schools, too. I've decided to finish my MA degree in ADMU rather than abort it mid-sem to go elsewhere, but that doesn't mean that I shouldn't prepare all the same.

Speaking of school: the paper I mentioned in the last post? I managed to get my topic of choice - that is, proving the theatricality of tabletop and play-by-post RPGs - approved. I also managed to submit it in time, although my professor will be out of town until the 26th. Grades are due on the 30th... I do hope she'll be able to check it in time.

There is something grim yet beautiful about measuring your life through the pills you pop at night.

Conversely, there is something amusing but perfect about having a cat who's ridiculously attached to you. Gouto has a MOM MOM MOM meow. She uses it often, especially when I leave her behind in the room.

As the plurk list knows, I've been tripping out on Final Fantasy 13 and the Ace Attorney series. At Chapter 11 for FF13 - taking my sweet time because I want to complete a lot of the quests.

(Which reminds me: does ANYONE know how to do Mission 27? I have no clue how to reach the mark when it's at the center of a circle that I can't walk to.)

Finished the Wright and Justice games, and I've just started Edgeypoo's game. It's good stuff, although I do think they could've afforded to expand on a few things a little more.

I don't think I've gamed this much in a while. It's one of the many things that I've yearned to go back to for a while, I realize. Writing, archiving, marathoning series I follow, fixing my music, mixing and doing my icons are a few of the others too.

Completed my usual Lenten ritual, which involves me somehow getting struck with the odd urge to read through one of my older works. This time, it was Gravity Attack.

I'll probably flail about this in another entry, when I'm more in a mood to spazz at length.

And I still owe everyone photos.
izkariote: (memento mori.)
( Mar. 2nd, 2010 08:15 pm)
Suffice to say, it's been a very... well. Interesting week.

Not the rub. It is what it is. )

In other news, do my photo meme.

Also: how does one do that nifty LJ user linking thing? Not this one ([livejournal.com profile] izkariote) but that... other one... yeah okay I fail at describing shit.

Also also: Is something up with TinyPic? orz
Right, so. Yesterday was the first regular school day after the shitstorm that was Ondoy.

The atmosphere was rather... well. It wasn't great, but it wasn't entirely terrible. Still, it's rather haunting, going around and hearing people talk about nothing else but what happened, or occasionally spotting someone crying on someone else's shoulder. My students, for the most part, are okay - we talked long and much about exactly how the tragedy could have reached critical mass the way it did, along with a more regular concern: grades.

I've just spent most of my day checking all of their remaining requirements and computing for their class standing - it doesn't look like I'll be failing anyone this semester, and overall, everyone did stellar in my classes. Tomorrow will involve some negotiations on the parts of a few of my students, and I'll probably let them have their desired grade bumps if they can argue with me well enough.

On the grad studies end of things, I've still got a paper to write. Felt shitty over the past few weeks, so I really haven't been able to do it. Thankfully, I returned to my calm and happy place by rolling around and fixing all (yes, all) of my backlogged files and changing my icon sets, so I think I'm recharged enough to give it a shot. Tonight, perhaps.

Now let's talk internet things.

First off: HI AND HELLO TO THE NEW FOLKS THAT [livejournal.com profile] jusrecht INTRODUCED ME TO! ♥

Aaaand pimp outs.

NEW POST UP ON ORZISMS: Contextualizing Manga the Right Way (And Then Some)

Fic pimps from [livejournal.com profile] stitchedophelia:

The World Ends With You: Life is Inevitable and Death Goes On (requested by [livejournal.com profile] mienaihoshi ♥)
Suikoden Tierkreis: Stone Shadows
The World Ends With You: Every day is the end of the world (requested by [livejournal.com profile] yukitsu ♥)
The Skytides RPG [[livejournal.com profile] theskytides]: Now this day too enters history (requested by [livejournal.com profile] yukitsu ♥)
Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Death is another country (requested by [livejournal.com profile] botling ♥)
KHR: Fiore di Nuvola. All the words... (requested by [livejournal.com profile] botling; you might want to read my minibang beLIEve if you want to tackle this one ♥)
Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Come up through the summer rain (requested by [livejournal.com profile] botling ♥)
Devil Summoner: Solemn talk of distant rain (requested by [livejournal.com profile] botling ♥)
Katekyo Hitman Reborn: O little sparrows, mind your place! (requested by [livejournal.com profile] jusrecht ♥)
The World Ends With You: They only let him go wrong out of kindness, I suppose

Snippets and drabbles for my original projects, all requested by [livejournal.com profile] yukitsu:

Bloodsport: I wrote on a wall, "I've gone ahead"
Bloodsport: You have outgrown your first kimono
Bloodsport: An old friend you just met
Endtimes: There are no strangers under cherry blossoms

I've actually finished a host of other prompts from the ones people requested from me sometime back, but I won't be posting them up just yet.

...Right, back to work.


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