This is so overdue, it ain't funny.

+ I managed to submit my paper as planned! I also finished my teacherly work, although it took a lot longer than it should have. Lol, vacation mode. Good job, brain.
+ I may have discovered something that could land me a research scholarship thing in Japan.
+ This semester ended with a bang and lovely family things.
+ Slept over at the Cheng Chua pad since Khursten is house sitting.
+ RP is starting to lose its flavor.
+ Fandom never gives me pretty things. :|
+ NaNoWriMo is coming up. I need to get my ass in gear and start warming up with ficcage. Undecided on what project to do, though.

And the long versions! )

The cat has greatly missed me, it seems, and it is also time for dinner.
This is kind of overdue, but.

This entry contains excerpts of my running commentary on Sengoku Basara Season 2, with [ profile] tasogareika. Because some of this stuff deserves to be posted.

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( Aug. 9th, 2008 10:02 pm)
...You know that teaching has eaten you alive when you're taking student papers with you to the dinner table or into the bathroom rather than your PSP or your favorite novel. o_o

On that note, though, I seem to have recovered from that slump I've been suffering from for the past two weeks -- last week was especially bad, complete with violent mood swings, Real Nicotine Jitters and regular physical system reboots. NOT COOL TO HAVE OVER-FUNCTIONING HORMONES OKEY.

The nicotine jitters may have been a result of the fact that I was smoking Vogue menthols rather than Gudangs for most of the week. Vogues taste pretty decent all, but the aftertaste it leaves in your mouth is some kind of nasty and after you've been on strong cloves for as long as I have, Vogues kinda feel like... well, nothing. ._. At least they were light. I think I gave my lungs time to heal a bit while I was on them.

Research Methods class was a free cut this time, but Development of Fiction extended for over an hour -- my brain was fried from thinking about D18 sexy taimu a lack of sleep and a dire need to leave and hook up with the girls, so I didn't appreciate that extension as much as I should have, given the fact that Sir DM's my professor and I love that man to death. Zipped over to Gateway after the session ended to meet with [ profile] yukitsu, [ profile] ficcentricity, [ profile] kitsune_jade, [ profile] kye_kestrel, [ profile] lonelybusiness, [ profile] innocentlyjaded, [ profile] lethologica, [ profile] newpersia and [ profile] embai -- BHEX, YOU WERE THOROUGHLY MISSED. BTW, I THINK CAR BREAKDOWNS ARE EVIL. Anyway, much was achieved by fangirling and not really achieving much at all! ♥

It was some kind of funny though. I didn't realize it at first, but the meeting sort of became a Vongola Family gathering and a chance for some of the players to meet each other for the first time(?). I mean, all of the Vongola Family RPers on my KHR Plurk Crew were present.

MM and Meann had to leave pretty early, and Kat, Yukeh and Lynffles left sometime after dinner, leaving the rest of us to chill out at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for another hour of so. It's kind of refreshing, talking about literary stuff without the frills and this sniggling feeling that YOU MIGHT BE DOING IT WRONG! and all. Also, I introduced Tin to the love of clove cigarettes! *proud*

Might get a bit of work done before I go to sleep. I've got a midterms exam to make, papers to check, lesson plans to prepare and advisory grades to submit!


Me: *during Development of Fiction class*
Professor: *discussing the aesthetic principles of Japan and the preoccupation with beauty*
Me: *quietly giggling to myself, listening to the lecture and relating nearly everything to D18 sexy taimu*
Classmate: *to me, while we're taking a cigarette break* You know, Pam, it's kind of amazing to watch you in class! I mean, you're multi-tasking and all, but you always come up with a good answer for Sir DM! And like, I can see how you seem to get epiphanies and ideas with whatever our teacher's saying! :0
Me: .... *EPIPHANIES? AHURHUR YES. GAY ONES AT THAT* Ahaha, really? ^^;

...Coherent thought process, I think I lack one.

No, I didn't make this post to prove that Plurk hasn't completely eaten me alive, okey. ...Not really. Nah-uh. STOP JUDGING ME. B|
I should be posting about my day, but this amused me too much.

Here's another e-mail, brought to you by a guy I would like to call My Blathering, Self-Righteous Idiot of the Day:

SUBJECT LINE: I want to be a fan, but...

Please stop making gay stories for bleach or any other anime show. Because it's sick. Why do you people want to see two men fucking each other? If you want something to write about then here is a few people to write about. ByakuyaxMomo byakuyaxNanao ByakuyaxUnohana ByakuyaxYoruichi ByakuyaxRangiku ByakuyaxRukia ByakuyaxOrihime. Try this you will get better results.

Suffice to say, I was Amused. Capital letter intended.

Here's my response:

i there! I have some suggestions of my own to give to you. :3

First: try to avoid telling writers what to do. I don't tell you what to read, so don't tell me what to write.

Second: review your basic punctuation and grammar lessons from high school. People might actually be inclined to listen to you if you knew how to write properly.

Thanks for writing, but don't think I'm going to stop anytime soon~

Honestly, I have a special place in my heart for these people. They remind me of how much better my life is in comparison to their own.

Second post will follow about more mundane things when I get home, maybe. In order news, I FINALLY have a copy of Privilege of the Sword
The Fic Wish List Meme

Rules: List 1-10 pairings/prompts that you have been dying to read. Maybe it's a really rare pairing or something you've requested on any of the past smut memes which haven't been fulfilled. When you see this posted on your friends' journals, you may do one of the following:

- Write it.
- Link to one that's already been written, whether by you or someone else.
- Nothing, but karma will get you. >_>

There are no length or rating limits, and prompts may be duplicated (PLEASE). Be specific in your prompts particularly in reference to preferred smut content, seme/uke order, and any other requirements that may hinder your appreciation of the fic.

The List. Cut because it's not worksafe. YES, EVEN TEXT CAN BE SNFWS. )

I may come up with a lezzie verion.

[ profile] ficcentricity, this is so your fault. B|

Seeing [ profile] kye_kestrel and [ profile] yukitsu TO THE EXTREME! Aaaaand still fixing iconsssssss~~~~~~~~
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( May. 9th, 2008 08:39 am)

...But, intarwebz stuff first. And other things. B|

I didn't go to work yesterday because I needed a weekend, since I probably won't get one went out with [ profile] ryvaeus and [ profile] ultra_arvin as some sort of impromptu celebration for Arvin, who refuses to ceiebrate his own birthday. We met up at JP's house (the one in Alexandra, not his condo unit~), and zipped over to Metrowalk for lunch at Misato. We also went to a, uh, most interesting shop (ask me here and I'll answer you in private, for security purposes 8D) before Arvin had to leave for his comics writing workshop, WHICH I SO DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT. DO YOU HEAR ME, ELBERT OR? >___> *sends stalker waves*

So. Yeah. Since Arvin wanted to watch Speed Racer later in the evening but he had that thingie to go to first, JP and I went over to Shangri-La to oggle the games in Data Blitz (PERSONA 3 FES IS FUCKING CHEAP + Damn it, all the fangirls/fanboys beat me to an original of Crisis Core~~~~~ + Original copies of FFT and Jeanne D'arc are so tempting! *flail!*) before going back to his place just to hang out. He helped me format my memory stick for Kalika!PSP, since it somehow corrupted my copy of Crisis Core. T_T I'll have to load it up later and hope it works. If the FMVs still freeze up, then I definitely need to get an original soon.

7 PM eventually came around, so we rushed over to Shang for the movie -- we missed the first few minutes, but it really wasn't much. THE COLORS, SO BOGGLING. It gets even worse with the races. That aside, though, the movie was actually okay. I never really watched Speed Racer as a kid, so I can't give a proper critique or whatever, but I found it fine?

Movie ended past nine, so we went down to Via Mare for dinner (WHICH JP ALSO PAID FOR! ILU, COUSIN!) and talked about more randomness before JP's driver picked us up. I got to watch Arvin and JP try out various gay things with Solid Snake and Ganondorf in Brawl (THERE IS EVIDENCE ON JP'S WII BUT I CAN'T POST IT HERE UNTIL WE FIGURE OUT HOW TO GET FILES FROM THERE), and JP also tossed the controller to me a few times so that I could try it out.

Button mashing on Brawl is so cool. Like, you don't technically know what you're doing, but it's cool. o_o

Slept Very Late (read: 11:47 AND STFU [ profile] yukitsu THAT'S VERY LATE FOR ME NOW ;A;), and woke up a little over an hour ago. My Muse is clawing at me to write moar KHR porn shorts for 8059, D18, 8018 and Shamal59. She always comes alive when I'm using my brain for something lit-related. *pif*

Um. Yeah. So now that this entry's done, I should srsly, srsly get to work. ._.

Now, uh... the real reason why I'm making this post. Here's a y!m conversation I had with [ profile] kye_kestrel while I was watching Soul Eater episode 3, Late Night edition.

Me: my god.
Me: can you imagine if Death the Kid’s weapons were two guys?
Me: ... *_*
Her: that'd be...
Her: i have no words for it. +_+
Me: .....omg. >_<
Me: i think i just died.
Her: your brain is working on overdrive, pammeth.
Her: i couldn't have thought of these possibilities.
Me: ahurhur. this is going on LJ.
Her: XD

...So, there you have it. 8D

Beyond submitting my application form to ADMU's grad studies office (FINALLY!), I've been watching animu pretty much the whole day.

Whether we intend it to be or not, Holy Week almost always means returning to something old... or at least it has for me. I think it's because of the fact that we kids in the Punzalan household are placed under house arrest and nothing's open, so there's no point in going out anyway.

That said, what did I end up doing? I ended up getting bitten by the Endtimes bug, and started re-reading the entirety of my very, VERY old story from beginning to end. I just finished this afternoon.

BACKGROUND: For those on you who haven't been on my flist for a while, Endtimes -- ET -- is a story I started to write (and finished) in my freshman year of college... it clocked in at around 806 pages, and went through several revamps and revisions while I was in my sophomore year. From a very simple premise (Witch Hunter Robin meets gay etc. etc.), it expanded into a gimongous universe from which some of my most endearing characters hail from. It also has several hundred spin-offs, the most popular being Thick as Thieves and Bloodsport.

I originally intended to revise ET once and for all when I was in second year, but academic concerns and other stuff kept me from doing it -- basically, I ended up not touching ET for 3-4 years (excluding an experimental run of the first few chapters in the India & Conundrum online fic journal, which I still have to go back to when ET is really ready), and occupied myself with real life, writing fanfiction and doing other projects, like prepping campaigns for table top RPGs like D&D and World of Darkness. It was a little frustrating, but now that I think about it, it was a good thing: it gave me time to really, really think about how to redo ET and expand the universe properly.

Close friends of mine (namely [ profile] khursten, [ profile] ezraelandvari, [ profile] xhael, [ profile] yukitsu, [ profile] kye_kestrel, [ profile] archangel_dream and [ profile] omnicrescence, with Khursten, Rachel, Liss and Drew being my part-time editors at various dates) know about my preoccupation with the story, and have been constantly encouraging me to pick it up again, but this is the first time I've managed to really sit down and get started on it. That's the lovely part about graduating: having a few months to check back on what really matters.

For TL;DR ramblings on writerly stuff and encountering an old work. )

OKAY. Now that the writer stuff is out of the way, what can I REALLY say about all of this? Just one thing:

The original version of Endtimes made a spectacular BL novel.

Cut for some more TL;DR rambling, this time of the corrupted fangirl nature. )

Even though I didn't agree with what a lot of what she said, my CW professor DID make one point that has stuck with me; she said that sometimes, writers find themselves with an idea or a scene that they can't actually handle yet. When that happens, the best thing that one can do is to write what they can for it, and then leave it for a long, long time.

In my case, Endtimes is an example of that sort of work, something that came at a time where I wasn't ready both as an author and as a reader to handle it properly. Now that I'm older and I know more and I've read more and I have a lot more songs to pimp, I think I can finally go back to it and do it properly.

So! Who's up to sitting down with me and helping me replot? x_X

Easter Vigil Mass is tonight. You know. Easter Vigil. The Huge-Ass Dose of Holy Where They Basically Cram Seven Readings Down Your Throat in a Single Night.

...At least my parents are home.

Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core finally finished downloading. I'll take a break from the writerly stuff to check it out. ♥


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