Late Afternoon/Evening of the 22nd

After rolling around in our hotel room, we took a walk through the Washington Circle area, checking out the sights before attending mass. This city feels entirely different from New York: it has all the marks of a big city (homeless folks roaming around/loitering on the park benches, busy business men and women scurrying about, fire trucks and police cars occasionally screaming down streets), but it's just... different, from the buildings right down to the air one breathes. It looks and feels more laid back, and the people, in general, are nicer. Our next few adventures proved that easily, with all the folks who went of their way to help out or to simply be courteous, and some random encounters in restaurants with people being nice enough to give us advice on where to go and what to do. I like the energy of New York, but I also like the neighborly sort of ambiance this place has to offer.

Anyway, we ate an expensive and slightly disappointing dinner at the hotel's bistro (not doing THAT again, for sure), then spent our first evening properly settling in. This time to relax and cool our heels really helped, given the fact that we spent the entire day afterward walking through the Tidal Basin and National Mall area, soaking up the sights.

The 23rd

The Tidal Basin and the sprawling area of the Mall with its trees and birds and squirrels and flowers made me feel like a kid again. I do recall that such expansiveness was what I immediately missed when we moved back to the Philippines. Manila is simply too crowded and too tiny for a girl who grew up with trees and mountains.

War memorials hold a special place in my heart, if only because I have always been fascinated by stories of the battlefield and warfare. I'm no war freak, but military history is one of my not-so-secret passions. I also feel that the soldiers who were out there ought to be remembered, and the families some of them left behind ought to have somewhere to go back to, to know that their loved ones fought the good fight.

On another note, it was nice going to the World War II memorial and see that the Philippines was recognized. I hadn't expected it, but a bit of thinking did make me remember that at the time, my country was still considered a part of the United States, in a way. Of course, strolling through that area brought out the old stories of my grandfather, who served in the USAFFE. Apparently, sometime before he died, my parents took a detour to Corrigidor on the way to Baguio, and searched out his name on the monument to the battle that was fought there. We have a picture of him pointing to it.

Beyond that, the presidential memorials were truly impressive, and even had exhibits that better acquaint outsiders like myself with what these people did to build the country that stands at present. Every piece is directed towards building the image that they want you to see - this isn't necessarily a bad thing, in my eyes. As it is, it's enough to make one reflect, should one care to.

In general, I am impressed at how America really attempts to remember its forefathers, and honor the people who fell in order to defend their country, whatever the country's 'actual' reasons may have been.

We topped off the day with an excellent dinner at Full Kee, this Chinese restaurant in, well, Chinatown. Unsurprisingly, all of us conked out early and woke up rather late the next morning.

May 24th

Our first Smisthsonian stop was the National Air and Space Museum by unanimous vote. Every single display had me giggling like a fangirl, and I, of course, dragged my brother over to the Mustang they had in the World War II section for a picture.

Shut up, it's a beautiful plane. 8|

As it is, many of you know that my childhood dream was to be a veritech pilot or an astronaut (since the veritech pilot thing would obviously be very hard to do), so my massive fangirling and enjoyment of this particular museum should come as no surprise.

After a stopover at the McDonald's in the Air and Space museum (father reacted a bit to this; we've been surviving on McDonald's stopovers a lot, in his eyes), we sped to the Museum of Natural History to gawk a bit at their dinosaurs and their mammals and the ocean hall and the Hope Diamond. I kind of wish I had more time to go back and really explore the Museum of Natural History, but I suppose that'll have to be for another day.

Cooled our heels off at the hotel again, then went back to the fringes of Chinatown for a dinner at Zaytinya. Small plate restaurant, so the servings were dismally tiny, but the food was wonderful. I've fallen in love all over again with Mediterranean cuisine. *^*

May 25th

Took the Metro down to Arlington Cemetery, and hopped on the tour mobile in order to get a good overview of the place without dying under the heat of the sun. There is no way we could have walked that thing - the place is massive.

As it is, though, I really enjoyed myself. I've got a thing for old cemeteries, and Arlington is a combination of two of my favorite things since it's a cemetery for soldiers, and is full of interesting war memorials. I was reminded, once again, of my grandfather, although he's buried back at home in the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

Our second and last stop for the evening was Georgetown, beginning at Georgetown University. The banners sounded eerily Jesuit, and a bit of walking and a stop at a statue of St. Ignatius of Loyola proved to us that it was, indeed, a Jesuit university (we didn't know this when we got there).

Peter was suitably creeped out. Mom promptly dragged him to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, and some research has proven that if he does land a scholarship, my folks may just be able to send him there. Now he's agonizing over his future. "THINGS WERE SIMPLE BACK IN MANILA," in his words.

I do agree, but simple isn't always good when it comes to one's education, you know?

As it is, Georgetown U was a real treat, with its gothic architecture and Harry Potter-ish feel. Not a place I can see myself taking up a degree in, but lovely nonetheless.

Dad had me take the reins at that point, for our walking tour of Georgetown. I used our Frommer's book, and we pretty much covered the ENTIRE area. The place really is quaint and lovely, and there was this lovely ice cream bar that I wish we could go back to. I want to try their other flavors. ;w;

We were going to go out for dinner after a bit of a rest at the hotel, but we ended up ordering Chinese takeout instead. It was delicious. owo
Now that it's been exactly seven days since I posted this and I've managed to tear myself away from Persona 4, it's time for some srs life updates.

Monday: Went by in an odd daze. =_= Honestly, beyond the usual talk at the smoket in ADMU, I really don't remember what happened.

Tuesday: Did the usual monthly check-up thing with my endocrinologist~ she upped my dosage, but beyond that, all looks well. Put in some P4 time as soon as I got home, and then dragged myself off to Spec Fic class. I was about 80% sure that I'd regret it, and it turns out that I was right... Spec Fic is only fun with Dr. Cruz is teaching it. With the exception of my cousin's report and the report of one of the other lit majors, all of the reports we've had in class have been poorly done and boring as hell.

I suppose I owe them one though. Managed to scribble down a lot of notes for ROI.

I'm reporting this week. I plan to show them exactly how it ought to be done.

Wednesday: Was brain dead and totally lazy, but I forced myself to go to class anyway. Going online to bug random people during my long break really, really helped though! Also - I can apparently still swing three classes on less than 30% of a brain. |D

Thursday: Woke up hellafuckingearly to go to the dermatologist, in which my face ended up getting zapped by a laser, swabbed with weird chemical stuff and pricked by needles and other sharp implements several times over. Worked on my report for Spec Fic as soon as I got home (9-SLIDE KICKASS REPORT, GET), played Persona 4 again and felt like chucking the controller at the screen because the dungeon was Pissing Me Off, edited ROI in order to post it (links below!) and ended up fixing my layouts instead.

...Speaking of which.

[ profile] izkariote [ profile] stitchedophelia [ profile] izkariote [ profile] stitchedophelia [ profile] izkariote [ profile] stitchedophelia [ profile] izkariote [ profile] stitchedophelia

S-so proud of them! And I took a cue from [ profile] aflyingteapot and made sure the layouts had decent font sizes! ♥

Friday: Woke up feeling seriously ill, so I ended up canceling my sessions with my kids in order to recover. Was feeling slightly better sometime before lunch, though, so I hooked up with [ profile] anothermiyaw. ...And I don't remember what I did when I got home. orz ANYWAY, after that I crawled through two hours of traffic with my parents to go and meet with [ profile] khursten, [ profile] magnetic_rose, [ profile] sortinghatlover and a lot of wonderful Dolly people. KHURSTEN, I LONG FOR THEIR LJs. DDD:

Saturday: Woke up late and a little better than I did the other day, dragged myself to class and discovered first hand that I hate Derrida + my brain is most definitely still in Vacation Mode, swung by the office to pick [ profile] yukitsu up and drag her home for the big family dinner party, in which we celebrated three things:

1.) My little brother Peter making it into Ateneo de Manila University, which was his college of choice. His girlfriend Millie made it too, and to Management Engineering, of all things. O_O
2.) The birthdays of my two sisters-in-law. *smishes them*
3.) My Aunt Becky and her husband Reuben's safe arrival from the USA!

I also got to see Tala and Ava, since JP and Jonat were allowed to bring their girlfriends over. Millie was there too - she's great company.

Went upstairs after that to attempt to finish P4 for the second time, only to discover that FUCK NO, THE GAME'S NOT DONE WITH ME YET.

Today: Been playing Persona 4, but I'm back around to bitchslap the creepy people buzzing around [ profile] anothermiyaw read up on this panfandom RP that I've decided to join me (just poke me if you want the story behind that; it's kinda embarrassing), attempt to go back to Serious Business, edit more of ROI for posting, maybe save icons, maybe change the icons on my LJs, maybe archive more stuff on my account and--

I really, really wish I was still on vacation. u_u


And now, for the curious:

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Return on Investment

A possible future, ten years from now.

+ prologue
+ chapter one: Why I'm not where you are.
+ chapter two: Take the long road and walk it.

*takes a deep breath* )

Tis Sunday nao, and I've already done all the proper intarwebz rounds -- I'll be putting my DVD-Rs to use and burning files soon. Dad helped me out and switched my fan with an industrial-strength one, so the heat has been chased out of my room.

Peace out, bitches. Heat aside, this summer looks like it'll be fun.
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( Mar. 26th, 2008 09:14 pm)
I'm on a self-imposed break from plotting because my wrist acted up last night. It's still kind of achy now. T_T At least I got a lot done yesterday. I was camping out in my parents' room with the laptop because the maids wanted to give my room a good scrub-down. They hardly ever get to when I'm just bumming out at home. Imma recluse, see. :o

Today was girly day~ Mom and I went out to Trinoma this afternoon to find me a good dress to wear, since those sexist and/or perverted Jesuits Ateneo requires the girls to wear either a skirt or a dress under their togas during the ceremony. There were so many shiny feminine things in the mall... it make me realize, once again, just how hard it is to be a girl gamer. There's so much to spend for, and so little money to go around. *crai*

I did get a nice dress though. Will be pimping it to the family right after the ceremony. ♥

Oh. While we were at the mall, mom was like, "Your aunts and uncles are asking what you want as a grad gift". I tried VERY hard not to scream "MONEYZ!" and spent the whole trip thinking about all those little things I need/want but can never spend for, for the love of porn my hobbies. Here's some of the stuff I thought of:

  • Black printer ink. I'll be printing lots over the summer, given the way my writing has been going. ENDTIMES, THIS IS YOUR FAULT.
  • Bath/shower gel. I'm not kidding. I love the stuff but I'm never willing to spend for it.
  • An office chair! With a full back! And ARMRESTS!
  • An 8 GB flash drive.
  • An extra battery for Aidan!Laptop. He deserves it. u_u

...Iyeah. All that PC stuff is pretty indicative of who I am, huh?


Will be going out again tomorrow to get my hair done. Lulz, femininity.

And fuck.

On Friday, I'm fucking graduating.


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( Mar. 6th, 2008 06:26 pm)
The real purpose of this post was so that I could flash this:

bedroom toys
Powered By Personal Massagers

This amuses me beyond measure. Perhaps a job change is in order? o_O


Righto. Yesterday was rough, but the Zen Meter filled out relatively fast due to the good company of friends and my own parents. I was supposed to sleep in and chillax for the day, but Graduation Paranoia kicked in and I ended up leaving in the morning to attend to clearance. The good thing is, I got 98% of it done (I just have to check back tomorrow and send the form to its proper place), and I was able to get some information on the actual ceremony and stuff. You know how it is with my university -- they leave super seniors to sorta fend for themselves.

On another note, I got to meet up with [ profile] miyachan after so long, and hung out a bit with [ profile] hamster_friend. And I ate all my cookies while I was waiting around. And played more Breath of Fire III.

...Which reminds me. [ profile] khursten, the copy that I downloaded of Janne D'arc is corrupted, and that's already the one I got from the webbie that you referred me to. ._. Maybe I can try out the one Melz has? Or maybe I should just buy an original UMD. *crai*

I've decided to spend the rest of the day until whenever catching up on backlogged manga downloads and possibly picking up Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn! while I'm at it. My Muse is still KO'd from the abuse I put her through for the World of Darkness campaign, so I'll need to give her some time. *fufufu* When she DOES return, however...

Polls are fun! )

I used radio buttons because some of you cheat and just say "ANYTHING GOES! :D" all the time. Er. Just comment if you have questions and stuff. ;_;
[girl talk + health ramble]

Slept really well last night, and my stomach is a whole lot better than it was today and yesterday -- I pin the weirdness mostly on the fact that I have my period for serious now. Saturday and Sunday were just icky flukes.

I will leave my explanation at "icky fluke" there, since there are boys on my flist and they prolly dun wanna go any further.

Anyway, balanced diet FTW! It's hella hard, avoiding the so-called "unhealthy stuff" when you need to eat out, but it's worth it in the long run, I suppose.

[/girl talk + health ramble]

Left the house just a little before lunch so that Peter could return his school books and I could pick up my clearance form. I think that was the only time that the fact that I'm graduating really hit me. o_o I mean, given the events of last year and the crazy stuff in between, I suppose I was just floating through my last REAL year of college this whole time. Even thesis defense wasn't really empirical proof for me. I mean, if you can get diagnosed with a life-threatening condition in the middle of your second semester of your senior year, anything can happen, right?

...Then I found myself standing there early on this afternoon, staring at that white sheet of paper going "Holy God, does that thing say DATE OF GRADUATION? ...Oh mah gee, I'm really writing a date here, aren't I? O_O" to myself.

So. Er. Yeah. Here I am, prepped to do clearance for the rest of the week. And then I gotta get my grades. Then march. Then join the rat race. Tis crazy, I tell you. ~_~

Peter played chaperone to me earlier, since I hooked up with [ profile] stryderranulf for the contractual work he signed me up for and Mom didn't like the idea of me meeting up with a guy alone. Peter didn't mind much; he had Kalika!PSP to keep him company. He STILL has Kalika!PSP to keep him company now, in fact. *mutter*


On other news, I am:

1.) Downloading Ookiku Furikabutte 24 & 25. FINALLY.
2.) Still being eaten alive by the WoD Campaign. Players and interested observers, it doesn't look like we'll be able to get a game in this month... April, however, may be freer.
3.) Cooing over my latest icon set and my new mood theme. My LJ currently bleeds Katekyo Hitman Reborn! out of its eyes. XD
4.) Finally done with sorting all my backlogged music downloads. Now I have to do the manga. *stares at the folder*

...Is it just me, or are there absolutely no DVD-R blanks available in any and all CD-R King branches these days?
Just got home from spending the afternoon and early evening with [ profile] yukitsu, [ profile] kye_kestrel, [ profile] lonelybusiness, [ profile] sindapa and [ profile] ficcentricity (I CAN HAS YOU ON MY FLIST + RADIOACTIVE MIHASHI!CHICK ON MY MOLESKINE!): we spazzed much, watched Jumper (Srsly, do not bother) and ate lots! It was a good way to end a day that started with me possibly doing not-so-good/utterly failing my Theology final orals exam. ...At least I know it won't put much of a dent on my grade.

I've been more or less AWOL these past few days because [ profile] yukitsu was over from Saturday evening all the way until today -- we went to [ profile] girl_blunder's debut (sorry we missed the movie! u_u), plotted stuff for the things I intend to write over the summer break, marathoned episodes 14-23 of Oofuri (because we always seem to miss our chance to do that), fucked around with the PSP and generally used as little of our brains as possible. It was a lovely way to kick of the first real summer I will have in years. :O

School work isn't entirely over... I'm still waiting on word from my professor regarding the final paper in Third World Lit II, and there is my thesis to revise before I can honestly say it's all over. In essence, though, those aren't much to worry about -- the orals exam I had in Theology was the only thing that had me concerned. Now that it's finished, I can more or less swim along until The Big Day itself.

On other news, my connection is back to being bitchy. >_>

World of Darkness folks: [ profile] hamster_friend and I are going over the campaign material and preparing for the next campaign. How do your schedules look?
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( Jan. 30th, 2008 11:16 pm)
Is it just me, or has the Internet suddenly gotten universally crappy down here? I mean, I'm finally not downloading some huge-ass file off BT, so I can effectively snatch stuff from DDL sites, but browsing has been strangely difficult. o_o ...Anyway.

Had my first regular day at school since I got back from my immersion, and I was greeted by a quiz in Theology 141 (which I totally failed) and a thesis class session wherein Sir DM had those who were ready submit their "final draft" before D-Day. He also proceeded to chew out those who weren't in the clear, and outline both the flow of the actual defense and exactly what was expected of us in terms of conference requirements. As of this moment, I am certain that I will be presenting my paper as a part of Panel 6 on either February 20 or 22 at the Natividad Galang Fajardo Room, Dela Costa Building. Mark your calendar, folks... I think you're all welcome to come and watch.

Righto. So I know I ought to be a little more freaked, but to be honest I only get a little twitchy when I'm sitting with the lit block, discussing thesis matters with Sir DM himself. I guess I could say that I'm very confident about my thesis -- I mean, I've run it by both Sir DM and Sir Vince (my mentor), and both of them say that it's already good. I think at this point it's just a matter of making sure I do even better than just good, and hoping to God that I don't get bitchy readers. I've already anticipated what some of t

On that note, I will be posting my thesis under a filtered f-lock soonish. I'll need people to read through it and help me condense the paper, as one of the pre-conference requirements is an extremely condensed version of our thesis that clocks in at about 8-10 pages -- perfect for a 20-minute presentation with a supplementary Powerpoint.

Beyond the thesis freak outs and Theology massive failures, I hooked up with [ profile] archangel_dream, who showered me with chocolate chip cookies and more moneyz for the PSP Fund. I'll be cashing in my check from work soon, so I'm very, VERY close to my goal... if I scrimp over the next 2-3 weeks, I should be able to hop over to Greenhills and buy me a PSP before the lit conference. *fufufu*

My head was full of thesis by the time I got home, so the trip over to Pio's apartment was a very refreshing change of scenery -- Peter's birthday became a sorta excuse for everyone to get together there, since my Tito Lorrie and Tita Faye will be returning to the USA very soon. We celebrated with popcorn, tortilla chips and Toblerone fondue while Peter rolled around on Mai Mai and Pio's guest bed. Kid's tuckered out from all that parting, I think.

Other small victories include:

1.) Getting more dermatological gunk for my skin because I might as well have a clean face since I haven't been exercising.
2.) Backing up the 22 GB of Hentai titles that I kept from the original 53 GB download.
3.) Sorting more of my music.
4.) Nearly finishing my Darker than Black fanfic. Give me a bit more time; I may be able to wrap it up by the end of the week.
5.) Bonding with Liana. She's such a tough kid, but she does seem to like me. :3

Going back to work tomorrow. Dad won't be around (he's going scuba diving in Batangas again), but I think Pio will be, along with some of my aunts and uncles.


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