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Birthdate:Jun 4
Location:Quezon City, Philippines

what is a kae? +
A 24-year-old human being, roughly female in shape, with a scholarly interest in buttsex and a weakness for chocolate, sign pens, pretty notebooks and all manners of literature. A KAE is also the owner of this LJ; she likes to write, and tries to, quite often, with varying degrees of success.

Because she stalkerable and there are Incriminating Things floating around on this LJ, Kae has f-locked a good number of her posts. Far and enough that she pollutes the minds of her close friends; the last thing she needs is for her students, the Hegemonic Powers from her workplace and other such people to end up breaking their brains on anything in this journal.

She cannot friend:

+ Current students of hers.
+ A Gothopotamus.
+ A Loli-chan or Shota-chan that has not been previously approved by people who are already on my f-list.
+ A stalker.
+ A Pretentious Fuck. Yes, she is serious.

If you don't seem to fall into any of the categories I mentioned above, feel free to comment, and she will most likely friend you back. She is never against meeting new people. ♥
what does she do? +

write an awful lot;

bug a lot of other writers;

procrastinate through plurk;

read until she drops (even though it's supposed to be 'til she dies);

stay in ur base, gh3iyng ur d00ds;

mix music, be it whole playlists for moods/themes/her stories, virtual mixtapes or fan soundtracks;

and play rokudo mukuro, roy mustang, raidou kuzunoha, axel and laura kinney over at soul campaign, and takasugi shinsuke, roy mustang, hibari kyouya and katakura kojurou at the skytides. She also museboxes those characters and a whole lot of others at yes, comrade!, pavlov's yaoi and lover's spit REDUX, with occasional appearances at the museboxes of her friends.
how do you poke her? +

[y!m] stitchedophelia

[AIM] derridamustdie

[plurk] NiaSatou

[twitter] Kaesteranya

the nitty gritty +

Current layout features fanart of Roy Mustang from the series Fullmetal Alchemist. Current profile header also features Roy this time around. Current friends only pseudo-banner features the Mustang crew. ♥

Base code for this LJ's layout was made by [info]milou_veronica. Credit for the original profile of this code can be found below.
how about some battle scars? +

pro-slashOfficial NaNoWriMo 2006 Winnerpro-slash</a> Official NaNoWriMo 2008 Winner

credits: profile codes
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